Michael D's daughter Alice Mary at Newgrange Solistice

Read in yesterday’s Sunday Times article by Colin Coyle, that MDH daughter Alice Mary and her guest Ken Dempsey were at the Solistice cermony at Newgrange on the 21’st December in a group of only 24 including Leo Varadakar, Ruarihi Quinn, and 6 members of the public chosen from a lottery of 35,000 applicants. Supposedly the President requested and receive 2 tickets from the OPW “subject to availability”.

It’s minor in some ways, but I think is symbolic/symptomatic

  • the sense of entitlement by politicians including our new President - remember election rhetoric…
  • public servants OPW facilitiating this, serving the elite not the people

Does Alice Mary & Ken have any more right to attend than the 35,000 “subjects”?
What about Varadkar & Quinn?

Rather than the usual bitch and moan…can we use the famed 6 degrees of separation to achieve something?
Somehow forward our disassifaction back to the participants?


Ha just beat me to it. Disgraceful - him and his daughter should have more sense. Have to say was always uncomfortable about Michael D as just another typical politician, and suspicious of the hype surrounding him as some sort of white knight figure. Well done Michael for confirming that ultimately the Áras will be a nicely-paid sinecure to wrap up your career.

4 legs good…2 legs better… baaaaaahhhhhhhh !

Bad optics, but at least he and his family have a genuine interest in our heritage. And Varadkar and Quinn too. Would have been better to get admission for the 22nd of December when the real solstice was and no cameras.

I am surprised that only 6 of 24 places are available for the general public.

The man is clueless when it comes to the economy. On RTE radio a while back, he blamed the Austrian economics model for causing our current economic malaise.

Anyway, I don’t know why people are surprised that he didn’t turn out to be the white knight in shining armour. He’s a politician at the end of the day, a person who seeks power, and is only worried about what’s in it for him.

It’s a funny old world but folk who crave power should always be denied it.

Optics is all there is about the Presidency !

He was my, least worse candidate, but he needs to cop on & realise where he is & what he, & his family have signed up for !

It isn’t just about the best seats in Croker & LD, it’s about doing some repair work on the relationship between the citizens & the politicians of this banana republic.

You should write him a letter.

Establishment looks after itself as usual shocker, i’m only surprised that people are surprised. This is ireland, what do you expect ???

No I think the point was to highlight it. To highlight the sheer breathlessness of it all. Sometimes you get a bit of :unamused: now and again there might be the odd :open_mouth:but if so it’s more for dramatic purposes used by the more theatrical inclined round these parts :neutral_face: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Dont see why we shouldnt auction the places to the highest bidder. It would pay for a lot of the OPW heads who hang around these sites over the summer.

+1 auction a few to cover costs and the rest should be pulled out of a hat.

Some would view this as nitpicking but its the small things like this that allow politicians to get so bold about bigger things

Non story of the day.

What exactly did he do wrong here?

Depends on the circumstances. Do we know exactly how the tickets for this event are distributed? Did MDH ask OPW directly via his office?

Supposedly the President requested and received 2 tickets from the OPW “subject to availability”.

25% That’s the interesting metric.
24 people are allowed in; 18 (75%) public servants including politicians and then 6 (25%) members of the public chosen from a lottery of 35,000 applicants.

I think this aproximates closely how this country is run and for whom.

And we get all the usual bollix about the “establishment” and the “trough”. Save it for the deserving cases chaps lest you debase the imagery.

The President of the the country asking the OPW for tickets for this event is entirely reasonable in my book.

There is definitely a point to be made there.

But Michael D Higgins doesnt set those rules so why get on his case about it?

How is it reasonable?

Some of the slots might be reserved for academics or students or foreign dignitaries…? Perhaps some of the slots are available for druids in a similar way to how the druids have access to Stonehenge at the solstice? I doubt it, but you never know…

Out of interest, has anyone actually applied to be in the lottery?