Michael Lynn and the Sindo

They build him up and then knock him down. More proof of the tabloid nature of the Sindo.

Sunday Independent: Speakers Corner
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It’s interesting what ww.ratemysolicitor.com reviews say about him too.

My guess the real reason why Lynn is being got at is because the Banks who threw money around like confetti are now afraid that they might not get it back. The government will not go after the Banks etc. The Banks are the real culprits.

My experience is that all the top Property Developers will have done the same as Lynn did. The Banks just turned a blind eye, because property prices were going up. Now, that they are falling; the banks are really exposed. The way that they lent money out only encouraged others to bend the rules a bit.

Bank Stock Prices are falling; people’s savings will be lost. Thirty million is small beer as against total mortgages outstanding of over €130Bn; yes! And the value of property to back this up will have falling to €40Bn (the true value of the underlying property). Lynn will be alright: he bought property for €1Mn and sold for €5Mn, thanks to the Banks for lending to less fortunate individuals.

The small fellow is the first casualty!

The Banks not Lynn caused the slump in property prices by their stupid lending.