Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


“BeTheHokey” scanned and posted thumbnail links to the newspaper interview:



He may not have been alone but to say it was standard practice…


Rachel English sat in to present for Marian Finucane:
dynamic.rte.ie/quickaxs/209-rte- … unday.smil (RealPlayer Required)

Michael Lynn bit at 0:34:18


I think he was telling the Mail that the banks knew what he was up to and turned a blind eye to him mortgaging properties to multiple lenders. If, big IF, that’s true, it shows an incredible level of irresponsibility in the banks.

If he has proof, the plea bargain idea could yield amazing results. 8)


There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell of this being true.

The banks may have some real gobshites, but even these tulips know that you don’t give loans on full value of a house & secure it on 1/5th of the house :open_mouth:

Look, this guy is a thief, a fraudster & a gutless coward, & the admins can feel free to give my details to him if he wants to take me to court for stating those self-evident FACTS !!!


i didn’t hear the interview but will say this: if it was so ‘standard’ then why did he go on the run?
he’s a liar from the start, even entertaining him after what he did is a farce. He’s had a nice long time
away to weave up what will probably be a long line of tripe.


Thanks for that BTH.




Nice enough gaff, €1 million still seems like too much but I guess the value of a home is what someone is willing to pay (borrow) for it.


Couple sue over missing chalet prize
Late Late Show winners lose out as firm goes bust.
timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 446353.ece


So yet again the tax payer is going to get screwed.

How long before the solicitor bills exceed the value of the ‘prize’ ?



Clearly we’re not paying our judges enough if they think that the victims of fraud should bear the costs of the fraud…


FYI: The album was Construction Time Again (1983)


:smiley: It could describe our own perma-tan man!


independent.ie/national-news … 50256.html


Does that mean she’s libel for half his diddly dealings too? Arrest her quick!

edit: Whatever happened to the Criminal Assets Bureau?


I think Lynn will find he has no answer to the “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?” line of argument.

Also the “If your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you have to jump too” favoured by generations of Irish Mammys.



‘Odd’ that Lynn not arrested, says judge - March 16, 2010 -> irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire … 51988.html