Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


Anyone know where Lynn is these days or what’s going on in this woeful tale?


rate-your-solicitor.com/?sec … s&id=10611 :angry:

Law Society to get Lynn’s €54,000 -> independent.ie/national-news … 47193.html

And in case you are wondering where Cabanas de Tavira is -> maps.google.com/maps?t=h&hl=en&i … 77677&om=1


We’ve done nothing Judge, and we’re all out of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

independent.ie/national-news … 84684.html



Irish Ways and Irish Laws.



Notice in the legal notices section of the IT today spotted by Mrs. YM…

Trial date 17 Jan 2011


Bail out finally marks the end of insane Irish speculative boom -> dailymail.co.uk/property/art … -boom.html

The article does not make clear if the person buying in Cape Verde was Michael Lynn or someone else…


Garda file on disgraced solicitor sent to DPP - Louise McBride -> independent.ie/business/iris … 86359.html


Lynn lying poolside as fraud squad flounders - -> independent.ie/national-news … 11962.html

There is no will to prosecute. If there was the ruling class would be hiring forensic accountants with experience from the US or UK on contract or they’d be getting people trained up here.


Yet again we witness this incredibly stupid inability of the Irish to learn the lessons of others & apply them themselves !

The US has consistently shown an ability to prosecute white collar crime & to secure convicitions in a juristiction where the defendant is, if anything, better protected than in Ireland; but guess what we ignored them & chose to copy the SFO in the UK who couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery :imp:

The process is simple; you pick one fairly minor offence, but one which has a simple evidence chain & you prosecute it, & only it. Then when you get a conviction, your defendant is now a convicted criminal & hopefully inside prison. Prison isn’t a pleasant place & middleclass people become remarkably more cooperative once they’ve spent a couple of months slopping out & trying to avoid being raped !

If it worked for Capone, I’m pretty sure it can work for Lynn, Seanie et al. :unamused:


Trying to avoid paying for ‘services rendered’ in the clink as well. The safest place for bankers is with their old mates the Provos in Portlaoise. So send them to the Joy or Wheatfield instead and send the ODCs to Shelton Abbey. :nin

If the crime is not a felony they cannot be extradited, the most minor indictable offence would seem to have the highest potential yield.


Ok , Take Seanie and Fingers . They have been vilified by the media . Yet Anglo was the poster boy for the boom and Irish Nationwide was the lender to Irelands elite . Yet not one single story has emerged from their lips about what went on behind closed doors . Seanie sent a warning shot accross the bow of Cowen over a golf game and it almost brought down the government .



Where’s the perp walk?

The more important question to ask the investigating team is “What’s in it for them?” - do they get lionised for producing the bodies or do they get thrown to the lions for not burying them?



independent.ie/national-news … 47258.html


Such depressing news.


Ronnie Biggs eat yer heart out…


And Ronnie Biggs recorded a tune with the sex pistols - can we expect Lynn to follow suit - maybe with Jedward.


Will make an interesting interlude in the movie dramatisation “The great hock and stroll swindle” 8)


No, not yet.