Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


Lynn chased over luxury New York pad - Roisin Burke -> independent.ie/business/worl … 76076.html


Michael Lynn arrested in Brazil

rte.ie/news/2013/0830/471190 … nn-brazil/


Wow! Expect the unexpected! 8DD


There’ll be some srummage by the media if they manage to extradite him.


really though, what is the point? To put him into jail where he will cost us 90k per annum? Wunderbar.

Coudl we not just give him a tar and feathering on Kildare st. and let him off to Brazil again?


The modern day Ronnie Biggs.


He probably has more chance of going to jail in Brazil than Ireland.


Your point might be valid if seen in isolation.

However the deterrent effect on future criminals and the harm thereby avoided must also be considered.


because going on the run for up to ten years before you do time while spending your ill-gotten gains is a real disincentive to people to do the same.

Not taking issue with you, but the system in general.


I presume the ‘No Glee’ policy does not apply here
I confess to a little snigger or two when I heard the news meself !


Yeah, can’t see a self-respecting Latin American country extraditing anyone to a banana republic.


Sadly agree.

There are certainly more pressing issues that our police and judiciary could be spending their time on.


Interesting to see if the wife will come home with the two sprogs.

I’d imagine it will be a big come down for her!


Accountability costs money. It is unfortunate that the rest of the country bears the cost of it but it’s necessarily so. This isn’t Peru.

There are other pressing issues that deserve attention, but not solely at the expense of this.


I think the DPP should take her time with this. Really, really take her time. After all, she wants to get it right, she’s understaffed, big workload, this could take years.

Meantime, Mr. Lynn is enjoying the eminently comfortable conditions of jail courtesy of the Brazilian taxpayer.

Hold on to him lads, we’ll be right over for him.




Ah here, I think the hundred or so people he defrauded might have another point of view on that.


Looks like Michael Lynn is the only Irish man who will be enjoying Brazilian hospitality for the foreseeable future…


I think its great, can we let a few more criminals off on a holiday to a country with an extradition treaty, issue an arrest warrant and make that country hold them until we’re good and ready for the trial?


He is where he is