Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


Genuine question wheres Mrs Lynn?


To answer my own question

independent.ie/irish-news/fr … 60059.html


She is married to a crook.

What does she expect?


A baby in about 2 months I gather… and at the back of my head didnt Ronnie Biggs postpone the evil day by having a Brazilian born child. Just wondering how hard the State were looking if they didnt keep an eye on the wifes movements


I doubt they were looking at all until the discussions with the Brazilians on the extradition treaty were quite advanced given that he already had residence through the first child. He might well be on a watch list in countries where we already have agreements but you’d still be relying on them to flag you I’d say.


It would be interesting to know if while resident in Ireland she had been receiving rent on the QT from the apartments when Mick was on the lam. Not saying she was. I wouldn’t know anything about it.


She is a gangsters moll and deserves zero sympathy.


Fugitive lawyer Michael Lynn in court today to fight extradition - -> irishmirror.ie/news/irish-ne … on-2474565

Disgraced solicitor Michael Lynn appears in court in Brazil - -> independent.ie/irish-news/co … 78135.html


independent.ie/irish-news/co … 78680.html


Pity nobody said it to him here when he was on the ‘poster boy’ circuit with a load of other false gods and windbagging on the Late Late!


Well at least one person is in jail…

No, of course not in this country!..

In Brazil!



Ireland’s Ronnie Briggs comin home

Brazil supreme court votes to allow extradition of Michael Lynn

irishtimes.com/news/crime-an … -1.2039521


Will he really get a lengthy sentence here ?? I would think Mountjoy will be a little more comfortable than where he is now and when he does come back to serve time he will probably get released early.


Predictions on his future Irish sentence?

I’m going for 5 years, 3 of those suspended?


60 hours community service


I will be surprised - pleasantly surprised - if anything actually happens.


He’d only get something that light if he had a couple of hundred previous convictions.


Thomas Byrne got 16 years 12 suspended with fraud of €52 million… Michael Lynn’s is €80 million. No reason he won’t get the same


Yeah, as a flight risk, he’ll be inside I reckon.

Given how fast the wheels of Irish justice turn, it could be three years…


Plus he’s already done over a year in prison in Brazil. So likely to go free after sentencing to time served