Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


Michael Lynn has been granted bail!

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The boyo! He has a tale! And he’s On Message!


Certain prisoners run the prison, he said, and were given a gun and what he described as “large swords”.
“It’s like something from Game of Thrones,” he told Judge Martin Nolan, adding that violence was commonplace.
“There were breakdowns, there were rebellions,” he said. “I saw people being killed. I saw once a decapitation of a young man whose only sin was that he was gay. I don’t mean [being gay] was a sin but that’s how it was seen over there. It’s extremely macho and all that malarkey over there



growing up on a farm in Co Mayo

Mr Lynn said he worked for two law firms before joining Budget Travel as an in-house solicitor. In 1997, he set up his own practice working out of a house in Clonsilla, which he said he bought with a loan from his mother. Mr Lynn said the practice was run from the sitting room, dining room and kitchen of the house, and he lived upstairs.

“In '97, '98, '99, things were just exploding,” Mr Lynn said. “It was a good time for someone starting their own business.”

When asked about the culture in his practice, Mr Lynn said he worked very hard and was “very driven. In fairness to anyone who worked for me, I would say I paid well, but, at the outset, I would explain I expected people to work hard.”


The meat of it. The trial is in it’s 13th week!


Mr Lynn told the trial: “I am not a thief.” He said that he was “greedy” and “too driven”, but that the banks had used him to make money from him.

Mr Lynn described a practice whereby a loan would be given in relation to one property or development, but used on another by being rolled over.
No bank could not have known what was occurring, he said: “First of all, it was done openly, it was discussed, and I repaid those loans. I didn’t create a scheme. I worked alongside the banks. It wasn’t right, and I have paid dearly for it. I have paid dearly for a long time.”

Three loans on ‘Glenlion’ property
During questioning by his own barrister, Paul Comiskey-O’Keeffe BL, Mr Lynn said that he had had three loans on the €5.5 million property, ‘Glenlion’, in Howth, Co Dublin. One of the loans came from Irish Nationwide.
However, the court heard that money was not used for that property, but for a development that Mr Lynn had undertaken in Portugal and wished to expand.
“I had an arrangement with Michael Fingleton that he was to have a profit share with me in relation to my development in Portugal,” said Mr Lynn.
“He lent the money to me, which was purportedly for ‘Glenlion’, but was actually for my development in Portugal

Mr Comiskey-O’Keeffe put it to Mr Lynn that he had been required to attend the High Court and be cross-examined, and asked him whether he had attended.
“No, I didn’t,” said Mr Lynn. “What had happened was I had meetings with the banks, with key individuals who had consented to loans. It was indicated to me that I needed to take the hit, and that I could start again.”


Gay men being decapitated? Thank God we’re safe from that level of barbarism in little old Ireland :pray: