Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


And there is more fallout…

**ACC appoints receiver over solicitor’s home **
sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/story … qqqx=1.asp

Gardai invested €2m with property solicitor
independent.ie/national-news … 10360.html

independent.ie/business/iris … 10334.html

Scandal forces changes at banks
independent.ie/national-news … 10362.html

Fraud squad to instigate probe as Lynn ‘swamped’ with actions
independent.ie/national-news … 10361.html


I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Just read this

The Legal Profession, as big as it is, appeared to have been swamped with work. Naturally, the emphysis like Banks, Builders, Revenue Commissioners was on getting the invoice out and collecting the fee etc. Lynn’s fee above would I am sure pale into insignificance when compared to the professional fees collected from setting up SIVs etc.

This Inward Secuitisation has screwed up a whole list of things
Government Revenue Collection
Cause a big bubble in property prices
Resulting Property Crash
Builders left with unsold property
Negative Equity
Increased Inflation
Multi Nationals facing increased costs
Bank Security in tatters
Huge uneven distribution of wealth
Investors in SIVs left with rapidly depreciating assets
The lives of our young people of fertile age are shattered
Resulting in Birth rate collapse
Allot more to come!

Our politicians must be having a whale of a time. They have being elected for a third consecutive term and no need to raise their heads above the fence for at least another four years.

An All Ireland Party; that should be enough to get a fourth term :laughing:


Brian Cunningham , that developer in Galway is suing a mid tier bank for fraud as we write , the case will be heard quite soon in the High Court and will be very very amusing from the sideline … once it gets going :slight_smile:


**Cunningham to sue First Active for €160m **
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 491213.asp

Whistleblower exposed risks of Lynn’s empire
independent.ie/national-news … 00536.html


This is some fecking mess :unamused:
Easily known why foreign investors are dumping Irish bank shares like hot potatoes.


Tangled webs spring to mind…




There was a confessed gamberl on Joe Duffy the other day. The seg was introdicued by as "we have a man here who says the banks let him gamble his money away from a joint account, they banks let him widthdraw the money using only one signature…"

I didn’t get to the full interview but gives a reasonable insight into the mentality behind all of this.


See other thread on people rejecting free houses for some pretty pernickity reasons.

We have generated an entitlement culture, where increasing numbers of people believe there is some natural “right” to be given things, as opposed to a right to try and earn things.


Agreed. But I’ve a feeling of late that this culture and the system which props it up is approaching its natural and logical final destination


THis s a recurring topic of conversaiton I find myself having of late, “the growing sense of entitlement”.

There are basics such a clean water, food, shelter, love and finally a means to learn/play, I think we can all agree we are all entitled to at least these basics but after that I don’t see what else anyone is entitled to myself.


geckko, regarding your ‘entitlement culture’ statement :

I have always held the view that nothing in life should be free, as, once it is free, it is too often taken advantage of and exploited.

Throughout the years I have argued this with my mum, who, being a very charitable and christian woman, obviously takes a different view. She has always believed in the principle of ‘if you have 2, and someone has none, then share’.

And so it was with a particular traveller woman, whom, through a good 40+ years has benefited from her charitable nature. Money, clothes, food etc .
Well that woman now has kids that have grown up and are in their 30s and 40s. in turn, they approached my mum for money, clothes, food etc.

And then, one day, a daughter of this travelling woman called to my mums door and asked her for help in paying a bill. ESB, Gas, Water charges ?? ehhh no.
This woman asked my mum to pay her €890 car insurance !!!

Needless to say, she told this traveller in no uncertain terms to get lost. And with that, my mum has finally come around to my way of thinking.


“Because Im worth”. See title of the other thread relating to politicians pay rises. The people get politicians they deserve.


A third solicitor in trouble. More to follow?





Any pinsters interested in placing a bid? :unamused:

Are the remainder of his 105 properties “on the market” as well?

So, as expected, Kendar are up to their necks in it as well :confused:
We were all “assured” initially that Kendar was totally an independent company separate from Lynn’s legal practice.


Lynns mansion in Howth is going to be auctioned next month according to the Irish Times. Itll be interesting to see how much it gets in the current market. It could be pretty low given that the receiver will want to liquidate Lynns assets as quickly as possible.



You’ll probably be able to get it at a song (at current market rates anyway)