Michael Lynn - The Irish Casey Serin Strikes!


Back to the subject of Brian Cunningham mentioned in the biz post today. I already mentioned in this thread that he was taking a bank to court for* fraud*.

There is a frenzy of speculation all weekend in Galway about this. As they are not party to any relevant court proceedings at present I can summarise what the speculation is about one lot. Thats the The Law Society.

The rumours are that a legal opinion was recently sought outside the jurisdiction and that **an order will be sought presently in the High Court requiring the LAW SOCIETY ITSELF not to reduce its assets below an unknown figure. **

For their own sakes lets hope that this will not become a catching habit 8)

The Law Society currently has lower net assets and topup insurance than the total of all the court orders against Lynn and Byrne up to this point in time.

Arguably they are in a lot more trouble than is any bank .

Many of the other rumours are sub judice. Very very juicy though :slight_smile:


lawsociety.ie/displayCDACont … code=About

Pg 14-15 of the 2007 report in the interesting bit.


and page 53


Smells like another goverment bail-out is on the cards.


Read that as: Smells like another gubberment led tax payer bail-out is on the cards :open_mouth:


Ireland’s traditional solid structures are fast tumbling down: First the Church, now the Legal System (Goodbye Tribunals); the Editor of the Irish Times may shortly take up residence as a Guest of the State (Goodbye Press Freedom).

What is the Government’s Plan? Yes, that is the problem. They don’t have any! The Cabinet is made up of a group of people who have not got an ideological thought between them.

The whole Nation is swimming around in choppy seas and looking out for an Irish rescue boat; there just isn’t any! Our leaders show example by ignoring traditional Church Teaching in many areas; they ridicule the law of the land (by evasive answers) when it does not suit them e.g. tribunals; it lambastes the Press when it is critical of their actions, be it Television or Newspapers.

A government whose whole mantra to date is easy money, free spending and profit is no harbour when seas are rough. They have completely lost all control themselves! They think that the biggest problem they have at the moment is to accept a pay rise or not!!!

If we don’t rapidly wake up; the auld enemy will have to rescue us!



It never rains but it pours. :confused:


Jaysus :open_mouth:
Just wait till the CAB lads get their hands on that lolly, we’ll see some firesale of properties then.

I’ll say it again, Casey Serin ain’t at the races compared to these guys :unamused:


I shall point one and all and indeed sundry to the prescient ranking system, just for fun, that we all sport…

The top ranking, which I currently hold myself…

“Under CAB Investigation”



Interestingly enough, ratemysolicitor has him down as an Avoid (if he is the same chap, rms has him based in Churchtown):

Could it be that the ratings websites are starting to be useful?


Going on his ratings before the shit hit the fan, Lynn was also an avoid

rate-your-solicitor.com/inde … s&id=10611

Had the Law Society bothered to read these entries from September 2006 , and to act, the current daily farce in the courts may well have been avoided.

One year later they felt they had to do something .

Rate My Solicitor turned out to be 100% accurate . It will certainly hurt the Law Soceity now .


As a follow-up, I looked up Michael Lynn:
rate-your-solicitor.com/inde … s&id=10611

(4 Sep 2006)

(5 Sep 2006)

and Thomas Byrne:
rate-your-solicitor.com/inde … s&id=10583

(8 Sep 2006)

(24 Oct 2007)

If even some of these people have actually complained to the Law Society about the practices going on and nothing was done, I don’t see how the Law Soc can escape from the compensation claims. I also believe that many disgruntled former clients will come forward with claims.

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Why is everyone else in the world quicker at building posts than I am? Are you all robots? Well answer me? Do you dream of electric sheep? :imp:


PS tocuhé 2Pack on the likely fallout for the LawSoc.


Possibly the most effect checking mechanisim of consumerisim despite all the regulations up till (as if its enforced…), once more the net removes the need for government as we know it.


Looks like this guy could be going on a permanent holiday this time… 8)



Nothing should surprise me with this cowboy, but yet, it’s unbelievable.


Isnt it interesting that RateMySolicitor had all three dodgy solicitors rated as “Avoids”. In other words 100% accuracy rate.
Yet that website was shut down shut in 2005 in a libel action against them.

That just shows clearly that our current libel laws are not in the nations interest but serve mainly to protect corrupt elites.


Irish Times has some new info.

ireland.com/newspaper/frontp … tml?via=mr

The Irish Times has established the total known liabilities of Mr Lynn and Mr Byrne now stand at €127 million - Mr Lynn owes €79.5 million and Mr Byrne €47.5 million.

However, this could rise further, as Mr Lynn took deposits from investors through his overseas property business. Some borrowings drawn by Mr Lynn and Mr Byrne from other financial institutions have also not yet emerged.


Given the overseas property element to Mr Lynn’s business, is it not likely that he also has borrowings from foreign banks secured on the overseas and maybe the Irish properties?

Given that they still don’t know the scale, it makes you wonder if there is some bank sitting there saying to themselves “imagine that, that busted solicitor has the same name as our best client. Funny old world eh? Now, where’s my bucket of sand”.


Lawyers, the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.

**INBS manager wins suspension injunction **

This is getting juicy.