Michael McDowell in Yesterday's Sindo

Anyone else find the spectacle particularly nauseating.To read him you’d swear he had nothing to do with the spread of the political ebola virus that was Bertiefuck. Have no doubt that if the had pulled the plug on Ahern’s B/S before the last election, the worst excesses of country’s recent history could have been avoided. Incompetent tosser in my eyes. Not as if he didn’t have enough Mahon induced evidence to walk and leave Ahern exposed as the dissembling toe rag he so obviously is.


The hypocrite who said we didn’t need stamp duty!!

what an incompetent idealogically driven vicous baboon. A colleague of Tom Parlon!!! Say no more…

The man is a discgrace

independent.ie/opinion/analy … 07379.html

If anyone wants to bother reading it.

No mention of golf with Seanie/banks whatsoever, surprising from one with such a brilliant legal mind.

I’ve found myself singing this awful song whenever his brother comes on tv or radio, careful though, once you start you can’t stop. Moore McDowell, how do you like it? How do you like it?

The more you read, the more objectionable. Where was McDowell’s “spirit” during the years of “Bertie’s abject performances in the tribunal?” Propping him bleedin up that’s where and instrumental in maintaining Ahern’s grip on power. Hypocricy and contempt for people’s recollections truly breathtaking.And he still calls him “Bertie.” What an indictment of this country that a knucklehead like that can rise so high.

Prefer the spoof/satire the guy with the guitar and the american voice did a few years back on the radio - “Springtime for Michael” (sic) (!!!)

He isn’t a knucklehead, that’s what I find so objectionable.

Anyone with eyes in their head knew Bertie was a crook; they hardly needed a 3 year tribunal to work out that !

Agreed but we’re in a minority. We obviously live in a country where “eyes” aren’t fit for purpose as he was still voted in for another term as Taoiseach despite his dissembling down at the the Castle being well established.As leader of PD’s McDowell had opportunity to pull the plug. His attempts to rewrite history are odious in the extreme. Not a knucklehead then but when it comes to anything that threatened his lust for power-a morality vacuum

One might speculate that some of those who work within the law see too many occasions where only the law is served & not Justice, & so become confused as to which is which. Perhaps that is why so many of those within our Parliament with a legal background find it so easy to lie thru their teeth, while maintaining that they are just doing their job. It’s a Barristers job to do so in defence of their client so it’s no different to what they trained to do after all…

McDowell saw no conflict with him going to work on tribunal work after being part of the Governments that were party to much of what was under investigation.

He saw no conflict with his wife being appointed to the DDDA when the Government he was part of played a massive role in the construction of the entity.

I could go on, & on, & on…

all this coming from a man who lost his seat to john gormley, twice

If these are the choices? Would rather give my vote to one of the Dead Endas

This lad is a nobody in current times…mind you a well pensioned nobody but a nobody all the same.

Now his missus however is a horse of a different colour altogether and worth investing a bit more interest in… :slight_smile: