Michael O'Leary - "Take them out and shoot them"

Yet again I broadly find myself in agreement with the man. I wonder if he would accept the Finance portfolio?

While I agree that MOL has no social conscience at all hes good at what he does and I have to say I agree with him on this. Shoot the f***ing lot of them :exclamation:

MOL could be onto something here. If the government brought in the death penalty for incompetence they could re-invigorate the economy.

The demand for ammunition alone would be phenomenal.

Not to mention ancillary spin off industries like blindfolds, cigarettes, wooden posts and shallow unmarked graves.

MOL for Taoiseach anyone?

He couldn’t be any worse than the eejit we currently have and he might sort the aul place out?

While he is at it, he could include the executives of the banks, the board of the central bank(David Begg gets it twice just to be sure), and most of the politicians in the country.

I’m nominating the Financial Regulator and a few misLeading Economists to participate in this programme for national recovery.

Having flown Ryanair several times without any complaints, I’m a big fan of Michael O’Leary, but I object strongly to him using phrases like ‘shoot them’ however metaphorically intended, such flippancy is just not right, even dangerous - especially in a country where people really do get taken out and shot on a DAILY basis (just this morning there’s a story coming through of a 13-year-old boy just arrested in connection with a murder in Dublin yesterday).
O’Leary should be as careful with the words he uses as he is with his pennies, IMO.

MOL is not a panacea, you often get comments like make him minister or taoiseach or whatever, well I for one would not like to see Ryanair style standards in our hospitals, patients being turfed out early, paying extra for food, cancelling procedures at will etc. etc.

MOL is very good at running a certain business model in Ryanair, those skills are not necessarily transferable to a public service.

Which is not to say I believe the current public service provides value for money, but it’s not an either/or scenario.

PopeBuckFastxv1 said

I rather liked what he said on the LLS on Friday. If he was incharge of the hospitals he would make sure the doctors and nurses were in the operating room (or whereever) on Monday morning and not on phone ins or doing interviews with the papers

Indeed! After all, our hospitals are top notch right now. :angry:

Can’t really stand the man, but anyone bashing that seditious charlatan Bertie would get my vote any time.

To be honest, the MOL style in the health service would suit me perfectly.

Be seen 95% on time, cheap fares etc etc

Edit: A fiver extra for priority!

Michael O’Leary gives you leadership - he regularly throws himself at the mercy of the hatchet media when things go wrong for Ryanair - the whole two-fingers attitude every time is about constantly re-affirming the message that Ryanair are not a soft touch and you’ll get short shrift for even bothering with a complaint - you got what you paid for. He is vilified for this, and granted he can be an obnoxious shit, but that he gives leadership cannot be denied.

If Biffo were to tell a few whinging interest groups to F off right now, he might get a bit more kudos. He can start with the pig-processing crowd who think they’re insured by the taxpayer.

Like I said, it’s not either/or.

I know what you’re saying. But the things you listed that you would not like to see in our hospitals are already happening.Procedures cancelled, patients being rushed out etc. I agree though, health cannot be run like a business, however right now it is a shambles.

I think you’d be hard pushed to find anyone in the country that would disagree with that!

Why not ?

Don’t you see a linkage between the fact that its a shambles & its enormously inefficient & chock full of arseholes, & the way its being run at the moment ?

I could be talked into the health service being ‘not run for profit’, but the biggest problem with it right now is the fact that it isn’t being run like a business.

Anatomically correct doubtless but hardly a provable fact in relation to the vernacular you were actually employing.