Micheal Martin's Glossy Brochure

I have lived in this constituency all my life and except at election times I have never seen anything from Ducky come through the door. I get a lot of stuff from the Buttimers (Fine Gael) and a fair bit from the other FFers. Tonight all the houses in the area got a glossy A4 Double sheet with what Ducky did next.
Items include how the Southside of Cork is to benefit from “major transport investment”
How the Knowledge economy will save the nation
How Micheal was instrumental in bringing back the Cork Swansea ferry.
That the Gaza blockade must be lifted.
As Minister for Health I approved major investment for Cork hospitals,
Increased funding to improve homes of the elderly.
How Michael organised Irelands global family(Farmleigh)
Finally there is a personal message from Micheal telling us that we can now keep up to date via his facebook page. (Nice picture of Micheal and Barack Obama)
The words BANK ANGLO and QUINN are not present
A true Renaissance man, but I am wondering is this a sign that wonder boy actually has fears for the seat or is it as someone suggested tonight on the tv that an election is a lot closer than you think and that the banking enquiries may point a very fat finger at Cowen. Is Ducky getting his ducks in a row for a leadership challenge

You are in Cork South Central… Yes?

Dan Boyle Country also

Edit… Ducky tried a few years ago, when Batt Von Keffe was the second, and Dennehy held the 3rd, when Bertie heard that there was a push, Ducky got Health… Now Batt is out (of SC) but Ducky would need all Cork FFr’s and I know for a fact that thats impossible… 10 seats in the city FF have 4 I think, which would mean that Batt would need to back him… and I know that a "spat " in the past which meant that Batt had to wait for Bertie to go, to get the job of any description at Cabinet Level…

He may go, but my sources say that he has feck all chance, Kellegher must be laughing…

Feck I am…

yep and not a peep out of Dan for the last number of months. Boyle and Ducky actually lived very close to each other as kids and their original power bases are Turners Cross/Ballyphehane.
Martin normally has good political instincts, this is most unusual for him to have produced a few years out from an election, plus he seems to be on a lot of tv shows in the past few weeks

I edited, Dan once told me that the chemical factorys were bad, I reminded him that he was in Carrigaline and half the population was employed there, Eileen Desmond never made that mistake.

His seat is in trouble according to a recent FF internal poll. You can expect to get a lot more glossy leaflets.

And while we may scoff at politicians taking the credit for everything from building the Port Tunnell to ending the Cold War, there is evidence to suggest that politicians who shamelessly take credit for everything and anything do better than their more humble opponents.

And with FG in a right mess, a glossy brochure might just do the trick. :frowning:

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You’re in Bishopstown aren’t you? Couple of things to remember:

  1. Until the 2007 election (from some time in the 80s), an area of Bishopstown/Model Farm Rd was a part of Cork North Central. This area is delineated, if I recall correctly, by Wilton Road (west of) part of Bishopstown rd (north of) as far as Curraheen road (north of) as far as Rossa Ave (east of). *

  2. All of Bishopstown falls within the SW ward (even when part was Cork North Central) and this was former Alderman John Dennehy country. As such, it wouldn’t have been encroached upon by Martin. Border line scuffles would have been between Batt O’Keefe and JD here, with Batt and Ballincollig being a part of Cork South Central before the recent redrawing of constituency lines. **

Batt went to Cork North West (was it?) at the last election, leaving Micheal to scrap with the new kid McGrath, and JD for seats. JD lost his seat and is surely out of the picture for good, he would have been ‘given’ the new area of Bishopstown for the 2007 election. I’m not sure Fergal Dennehy (his son) has the backing for a run at the Dail, and Mary Shields might fancy a crack and have something to say about that.

With numbers such as they are, FF are probably planning 2 candidates + token in Cork South Central. Someone with aspirations (but lacking a strong party backing) will be put up for the slaughter and quietened forever.

All in all, this means that Bishopstown and Togher are fair game. With Michael McGrath pressing from the East, it makes sense that Micheal Martin will have full rights to the core FF support in the South West of the city. FF put 3 seats through CSC for 2 elections. They know how to draw the lines, and the negotiations will be in full swing as the machine gets into full swing and rival directors of election negotiate over the territory. Micheal will be ceding territory where FF support is low anyway, so that McGrath can pick up a couple of hundred votes here and there. Ceding core Martin areas would obviously backfire.

In short, don’t underestimate the machine, and don’t see the glossy brochures are desperation. You are now in Micheal’s country.

  • jammyBastard spent time in his teens dropping FF leaflets and canvassing around the area

** jammyBastard was a delegate and knows only to well the underbelly of FF local politics

I am no longer in any way affiliated with FF before you ask. I disentangled myself right after the 2002 election, the final straw being the McCreevy cuts memo.


Wonder what will he’ll say at the other side of the Pfizer announcement?

Taskforce will definately be in the Press Release…

That man has had more taskforces than the Royal Navy

Michael MacGrath has been sending out glossy brochures for quite a while claiming credit for any development happening in the village.Lately there is not alot to claim credit for, mostly forlorn hopes. And last week we received another Dail na hEireann envelope, a glossy memo from Hugh Coveney, just two pages. It must be the done thing nowadays. I often wonder who takes these decisions on spending my tax money, a play ground here, a cycle path there, a new water supply scheme here, a new museum there build,build,build.
Course what you will never see is a new factory making stuff.

Man if your receiving memos I am joining Fine Gael, communication from beyond the grave. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry couldnt resist

Well dead or alive, over ground or underground I wont be voting FF/FG no matter how many cycle paths or playgrounds they build.

The Labour Party is not even social democratic nevermind socialist and North Korea is a despotic totalitarian state that has nothing to do with socialism.

It’s not.

A socialist state can only be achieved through a transition from a capitalism through to socialism and then communism.

Cuba, USSR, Nth Korea, China all came from low level feudal agrarian societies and therefore are not applicable examples and were defined variously as distortions and failed worker’s states in any educated and unbiased critique.

You could construe, in some ways, developments in Venezuela, Bolivia and to a lesser extent, Brazil as having some of the elements of a move towards socialism but we’re talking early stage transition still and far from likely that the Bolivarian revolution, in as little as it constitutes, will ever outgrow Chavez himself.

Anyway back to Micheal Martin.

Mickey Martin would probably be able to tell ya that such a transition could only take place if a sufficiently powerful group of countries decided to do it in unison. Otherwise, very difficult to achieve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, he’s not the Minister for Foreign Affairs for nothing, he’d also probably admit that one of the founding precepts of Marxism is internationalism… :wink:

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Can those of us who are still in the country get one of these cards to avail of the same discounts ?

It will only be available to “dem furriners”. :unamused: