Micheal Moore: Capitalism, a love story

Thought I should take this out of the advance notice for bubble/radio TV thread and maybe have a separate discussion.

it all depends on how you define the word capitalism

if when you say capitalism you mean, goldman sachs, anglo irish bank, fianna fraud, ect
well then it is pure evil, and its all a scam

but if when you say capitalism, you mean hard work, innovation, and no crony capitalism, well for the most part thats all good

for a man who claims to hate ‘capitalism’ Micheal moore has made a lot of money from it

P.S his best film is still Roger and me

I agree completely, capitalism is not what the banks were involved in so the two shouldn’t be mixed up, as you said, capitalism in an advanced barter system that results in the manufacture and exchange of goods, neither of which can be attributed to the aforementioned financial and political institutions. This is not a crisis for capitalism, it’s a financial crisis.

We do need a functioning banking system which we obviously don’t have, the reason we don’t have it is not because the banks are bankrupt, but because of how they carry out their business, this is what needs to change.

Saw this the other night and enjoyed it.

What Moore does is show people like George Bush defending “capitalism” and then juxtaposes that with the realities of this “capitalism” in the US.

  • Gangter banks
    -Captured government
  • Massive income inequality.

Thats the system that Bush and others are defending and the one that Moore and people interviewed in the movie are speaking out against.

Also, when people spoke out about socialism or communism as practiced between 1945 and 1989 in Eastern Europe you could just as easily say that this was not socialism/capitalism either so the criticism is unfair.

I agree that the documentary has its flaws. It is over simplistic for a good reason. He is trying to reach the masses. If he gives people pause for thought and drives them towards seeking further information on a topic that’s an achievement. Its extremely difficult to get unbiased or overseas reportage in the US, unless you are the type who listens to NPR and that’s a FRACTION of the population. People are ill informed. He is doing good work.

I do think he should donate some of his profits however!


He doesn’t seem to be able to garner the same following he once did, he seemed to be a whole industry of loathing by himself for a while.
Ireland seemed to have to taken to that whole package more than anywhere else if google trends are to be trusted.

I think that is Michael Moore car sales

Like all Michael Moore films, there’s a decent 20 minute documentary fighting to get out from under the hour and a half of hysteria.

For a more reasoned critique, try Inside Job.

Capitalism is just is. It’s part of our human nature. It is he who controls the capitalism that should be of concern to you. Blaming capitalism for our current problems, is like blaming the car instead of the drunk driver.

If it “just is”, then there would be no need to articulate it…it would “just be”…like the sky…or maybe Gay Byrne…

Ah, but what if what we know of Gay Byrne is not the whole story?

Great doc = inside job. Still, that one would go right over the heads of a lot of Americans. You cannot underestimate the lack of critical thought in that country. People are extremely misinformed. Moore pitches at the right level for a lot of people who watch Fox News and take it as gospel.

The Irish are well informed in general, and well, Pinsters are a renowned intelligentsia :wink: The Irish don’t need Moore. The US does. He is very necessary.

Danny Schechter did a documentary in 2006 - In Debt we Trust - that foretold all the madness to come:
In Debt We Trust


He also did one on the fallout:
Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time

Cheers WGU. They look interesting.

OMG 6 years! :open_mouth:

Doesn’t show at the ballot box.

The only one lacking critical thought and information is you. Compared to the diversity of thought, information and policy In the US, Ireland and indeed the entire EU is a frog infested backwater.

Are you slagging off the French there?

Christopher Hitchens said it best.