Middle East funds look to Irish stud farms

Middle East funds look to Irish stud farms - Neil Callanan -> ft.com/cms/s/0/2f7ebc00-6f62 … abdc0.html

I ‘approached’ NAMA last year. Sent them an email enquiring about properties they have for sale. Got no reply.

Generally the Qatar SIF doesn’t bother looking at anything less that 1bn, it’s simply not worth their while considering the fairly limited resources they have for due diligence (even though they get western IBs/boutiques to assist)

While Studs Farms might be obvious targets for the horsey set hotels will be a much tougher sell


The story’s clear that they want the land for stud farms. Most of the hotels would originally have been country houses on estates - from the sheikhs/wealth fund point of view, they’ve already been given a five star fit-out, probably an extension, probably a swimming pool and a spa so saves them doing the work themselves.