Mill Lane Mountrath -75K (-16%)

I’ve been following these for a long time. They started out at €450k, much to the disbelief of the locals. €450k is a kings ransom in Mountrath.
After months on the market not a single unit was sold. Sorry I have no internet link as they covered their tracks well. Finally they dropped the price to 399500 And now we are on the second price cut at 375000.
Twice I have called out specifically to view these houses, both on sunday afternoons between the advertised opening times (it’s on a huge poster on the entrance to the site). Both times the site has been completely locked up, with no sign of any life. :confused: I had come to the conclusion, that the developer had gone bust and could not even afford the labour costs to try and sell the units. Watch this space!

In case you are interested this cached Live search link from Oct 2007 shows properties there for 450k, though it seems to be referring to 5 beds rather than the 4 bed units that are now 375k.

Ok either they are using the same add to advertise a price cut on the 3 beds, or esle the developer has his neck on the chopping block. Currently being advertised at 265k.