Millenium Tower penthouse

For over half a million quid you don’t even get a kitchen! Surely must be a misprint? … lin/340167

The description claims it’s already sale agreed, so seemingly somebody is willing to pay that little bit extra to have no kitchen!

Must have been built in Sex and the City use your oven for storage eat-out-every-day era.

Don’t know if there’s more than one penthouse in that building…


They’re actually different buildings. The topic linked is for Alto Vetro building, which actually has kitchens - although lacks privacy :laughing:

Oops :blush:

Well they show Alto Vetro as the profile picture for the listing, however that’s the view of Alto Vetro from the Millenium Tower apartment, which completely makes sense… :unamused:

Pic 6 is the actual building, I belatedly note.

It’s probably in the servant’s quarters.