Milverton, Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, D4 (-10.75m, -79.6%)

Was 13.5 Mil … index.html

Now 8.5 Mil … SGDY350057

I remember the last time this sold, they paid 8 Mil! Looks like they are bailing, I wonder if they will get away w/o a loss, 8 Mil plus 9% stamp duty (720K) = 8.72 Mil, guess that would already be a loss. I guess we will see just how deep that loss goes from here.

It is one gorgeous home and located second to none in my opinion. Still, over priced in my mind.

From 2005
Lisney Mid-year Review Inside
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Milverton, 34 Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Sold in excess of m8,000000. Ashton, The Hill, Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Sold in the region of m4,600000 … … ew2005.pdf - Similar pages

Gorgeous house.

Will someone please do the usual pin thing of saying it can be had for 500k next year. That would really cheer me up. :smiley:

Now that’s a million pound house…

let me think…4 times good wage or say 12 times rental income. If you got 10k a month rent or you are on 250k. 1mil or 1.4mil. That would be the pin valuation

For some reason this was removed from, either trying to cut costs :wink: or they didn’t like the free plublicity. Or I supose myhome has a bug.

So here is the link of the house at Sherry Fitz … &ST=1&pc=1


Gone from SF now as well.

We take walks in Herbert Park pretty frequently, and Mrs. O has earmarked this place as our Dublin pad for when (not if) we win the Euromillions. 8)

Now at 3.5 Million! … -4/2223342

Was 13.5! Last time I commented on this one, several years ago, it disappeared from any advertising, always thought that was a bit odd. Now back again, does anyone know the story? Maybe the bank owns it now, I’m pretty sure it was last bought for 8.5 million.

Certainly at 3.5, the sellers down at 12 Herbert Park may need to rethink there asking price. … -4/2174469

Nice house too, but I’d be thinking 2 Million maybe?

Noel Comer is the proud owner of this house and many more!!

Got a bit carried away did our Noel

wowsers, the market generally might still be overpriced, but this baby looks well worth it

This might be Sale Agreed

Gone from Myhome and Daft

I believe the bank(s) never decided on this but let SF put on myhome to test.

There is meant to be a ‘special purchaser’ who wants this house.

This could either be the bank(s) withdrawing to bring to auction or the person has done deal.

Brilliant ‘city house’ in lovely location - surely one of Dublins finest?

I believe that it is in awful shape inside (dry rot, crap kitchen etc) and the pictures SF had on their website had no relation to what it really looked like.

I believe this would sell at the 3 million mark if not higher for a person who wants it?

Really stunning looking house.

Also love the location being beside donnybrook and ballsbridge villages plus having the park next door.

If there was a whole row of them it would rank with Shrewsbury ? (This is probably a weakness however nothing on this road comes cheap)

Surely a candidate for the Great Estates site (or does it need to be on a bigger site to qualify?)

AMV 2.75m

That house ticks a lotta boxes.

If you have got €2.75m :slight_smile:

€8m in 2005 and now €2.75m. 2005 was not even peak , shows how much the top end has fallen.

Lovely detached period house on a great road and a very nice garden, think this will go over the AMV. The one fault tho for a house in this price range is that it’s close to the road so lacks the big drive to the front to park the fast cars.

About 2 years ago there were cash bids of 3.5m on it.

The lesser 16 Argyle Road around the corner (in every dimension) went for 3.05m right at the bottom
Even the semi-ds down the block (3 & 19 Herbert Bock when for c. 2.5m)

I would be surprised if this can be bought below 3.5m.
I would also bet that this will make the 4m mark and even a bit above it (c. 4.5m).
The AMV is set to generate the headline “D4 trophy home goes for 50% above asking”.
Still, one of the most beautiful houses I have seen in D4 (and elsewhere).

The house has been left to rot for several years, while the owners negotiated with the banks about disposal. There has been an enormous amount of water damage due to multiple leaks which were left unrepaired. The house requires 18-24 months of restoration work which will be time-consuming and expensive. But an extremely beautiful house at the end of that long process.

That’s so depressing to hear.

glasshouse is right, when you inspect the walls, the material comes away in your hands.
There is probably 1.5m or 2m at a push of full resortation and then full modern conversion here.
However I do think this is a unique house and merits it.
Question is if the cost of +3.5m purchase +1.5m refit works for this location (esp. if you are closer to 6m all-in).