Minimum Mortgage Amount

I seem to remember a few years ago that banks had a minimum amount they would lend for a mortgage. I have a figure of €130000 in my head, but I could be wrong on that. Does anyone know if this is still the case and if so what is the current minimum amount?


It differs for each bank. … 51442.html

With Permanent TSB and National Irish Bank, a minimum mortgage loan of €20,000 applies while, for AIB, it’s €25,000. KBC offers a minimum loan amount of €32,000 over ten to 35 years, providing the borrower is no older than 70 at the end of the term. With EBS, the maximum loan term is also 35 years.

Ulster Bank will lend between €50,000 and €1.5 million, with terms extending up to 40 years.

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