Minimum pricing on alcohol



Govt will get a roasting for this. Shinners laughing.

1.70 for a can from now on, so €40.80 for a slab vs €20 over Xmas 2021. Joke shop


How much for a slab north of the border?


Ah the Pints distraction again, right on time.

Yes yes yes, the day after they run the parents surrender their children to the pharma traffickers to be genetically raped with the live abortion shot.


£1 a can or less.

Border county off-licences will take a hit.


15-24 year olds are going to start using drugs much more than now, stats will look great on alcohol consumption though…

The vintners are deluded if they think this is going to drive people back into pubs, Shinners are crying with laughter. This is nothing more than a tax on the poor but the government don’t collect it?


IIRC, there was a €9 minimum price spend or something for pubs in 2020 with the initial round of makey uppy rules & regs, but I digress.

I for one welcome maximum lifespan specification for all humans, when that’s announced, the booze will look comparatively cheap… :whistle:


Yeah, they will claim the change worked, but only fools will believe them, I was able to buy 12 cans of Heineken for €10 last week, today the same 12 cost me €20, I’m not a happy drinker

A letter to the IT, even the youth wing of Fianna Gael can see its a stupid idea

Sir, – The introduction of minimum unit pricing this week is symptomatic of the detachment between this Government and ordinary people.

Newcastle University’s report, published in The Lancet, into the effects of minimum unit pricing in Scotland noted that “the lowest income households did not seem to reduce the amount of alcohol they purchased, and their expenditure on alcohol increased”.

Therefore, we have designed a system of wealth redistribution from the poorest and most vulnerable in society to large retailers, without a red cent in additional funding going towards support services.

Moreover, this measure has outraged the two cohorts of voters where this Government is least popular: young people and low-income earners.

It confirms what they already suspect.

If the breeding ground of policymaking continues like this, where a concoction of quangos, interest groups and civil servants magic up new ways of making life more difficult and expensive for ordinary people, this Coalition faces annihilation at the ballot box.

Fine Gael needs a coherent answer soon for what its role will be in an Ireland of higher taxes, unsustainable levels of spending and crippling regulation, or the public will answer for us. – Yours, etc,



Young Fine Gael,


Co Kerry,


The home brew is getting better!
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