Minister Naughten resigns


An Irish minister quits his job!

How rare it this event? Incredible, sounds like there is more to it than we have been told.

Also assume he was pushed.

Mr Naughten addressed the controversy over the National Broadband Plan this afternoon, saying it’s “clear to me the Taoiseach does not have confidence in me”. He has informed the Taoiseach of his decision and announced it in the Dáil.

Mr Naughten had come under under massive pressure in recent days over his contacts with the head of the bidding team for the National Broadband Plan contract. … 75172.html


Terribly naive stuff from Naughteen. Poor judgement and forgetfulness is not a great combination, but many have survived much worse.

Are we looking at an election?


Not until after Brexit IMO


Unlikely to precipitate an election.

The main losers on the basis of current polling would be independents. FF would not gain seats, maybe even lose a few.

Some solution will be found. Hard to know where Varadkar will find a spare ‘Independent’ minister though - and also a portfolio where they can’t do any damage.


Could he not give Lowry Naughten’s old brief?


Its a shaky house of cards
Who knows what will precipitate an election


Shake-up in cabinet:
Richard Bruton is Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment
Joe McHugh is Minister for Education and Skills
Sean Kyne is Government Chief Whip & Minister for the Gaeltacht
Sean Canney is Junior Minister at the Department of Rural & Community Development & the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment