Ministers defend ‘small’ tax perk for second homes

Damn, I have got to figure out how to become a TD. They get loads of cash

Seems the best way is for Daddy to have been one before you - nepotism rules, family only need apply here in Ireland.

If it small and doesn’t amount to much in they eyes of the ministers then if I were a minister I’d be glad to get rid of it and save myself a lot of hassle from the media and public.
I’d also make a song and dance about getting rid of it, to show im all for reform / pain sharing and call on everyone else to follow my good example. :unamused:

Damn, I shudder to think of Enda Kenny in power. Cowen is bad enough. Kenny would go down in world history and still be used in jokes a thousand years later.

The problem with Fine Gael is that Inda Kinny is unelectable.

Always has been, always will be.

Mind you it is enormously convenient for the opposition not to be in power now, so having an unelectable leader is very understandable.

I don’t understand why politicianscan claim any of these expenses. It’s ridiculous that they get to claim expenses for their food travel and clothing…
They’re on massive salaries, they can pay for their own damn petrol to get to work.
I’m in a very poorly paid job, but I have to pay 50 quid a week in petrol to get to work, pay for road tax, insurance, tyres,maintanance of the vehicle etc

these guys are on more than a hundred grand, and can claim very generous milage allowances for their commute to work, and then expenses for expensive food while they’re at work. I have to pay for my own lunch, my own work clothes, my own medical expenses, don’t have subsidised childcare…

The fact that these cretins can debate in the dail things like ‘carbon taxes’ to punish people who are only trying to get to work, and then claim back these taxes in higher expenses is totally infuriating.

I have no problem with carbon taxes by the way, but I have a massive problem with people making the rules and additional costs for ordinary people in parliament and then thinking that these rules only apply to other people and they’re ‘entitled’ to not bear the costs themselves.

Their booze is probably subsidised as well - anyone know what a pint costs in the Dail’s bar?

There are actually two bars in the Dail side-by-side. There is the one that the public are allowed in to upon the rare occasions when they are within the halls of power. There is also the private members bar - upon that hallowed ground only TDs (and presumably Senators and barmen) may thread. Its years and years since I was in there so I’ve no idea what the pint costs but I can tell you from personal experience that its a fine pint of Guinness they have in the public bar. As for the subsidy - I would imagine that the TDs don’t charge themselves VAT. And that is a pretty hefty slice of the price.

I was recently talking to a lady who lives next door to a country TD’s Dublin home. This TD has his garden maintained by a company who regularly cut his grass, prune the shrubs, blow the leaves onto the street, and such like. One day she decided to ask the lads to tidy up her garden too. It’s a small front garden… perhaps 25ft by 25ft, certainly no bigger, and it took them about an hour or two to do the job. She was quite taken aback when the bill arrived, though. 1000 euro plus Vat.

Is the taxpayer paying this kind of money to have a similar job done on the TD’s house? Probably.

I would say its more along the lines of said TD helping the lanscaping company get a nice maintenance contract somewhere. Possibly government department. Greasing the wheels so to speak and this is payback.

Galway based County Councillor reputed to have claimed that once you get elected as a TD you are a millionaire in three years thereafter…