Mixed Messages in Castleknock area

I have been monitoring the house prices in the Castleknock area for a few months and waiting to see what happens. House prices seem to be going in all directions but the trend is the market has slowed.

A house on Castleknock Avenue (Laurel Lodge) dropped this week from 810k to 770k. Another house in Pecks Lane dropped from 795k to 730k.

There are houses on Roselawn which have been on the market for 6 months and the prices are still the same. The sellers can’t be in much of a hurry or they are dreaming.

And a house in Stockton Lawn has sold quickly and over the asking price.

I guess some areas are holding up better than others.

Ok, can you monitor Castlenock and post items like I have done for Lucan.


Was looking at the supply for all Dublin areas on Daft and was kinda surprised at Castleknock. Didn’t realise it was that big an area or I thought it was quite well established to have 156 properties on sale.

The Castleknock area cover the village, Laurel Lodge, Roselawn and even parts of Carpenterstown and Coolmine. It is quite a big area. The village especially is well established and that is where prices seem to be holding up mostly.

Will do, redo

I must take issue here. Having been a resident in Blancahrdstown area for too long. I’ve watched years of this boundry shifting babble (no offence Dunbar).

Castleknock is Castleknock The village & out a bit, you could say the boys college is close to the edge of the radial area if you use the village as the centre point.

Anything else (bar laurel lodge) is not Carpenterstown.

By some poeples logic I(usualy orignating from EA spin to get an extra 100K on the price) you could say Roselawn is Castleknock but thats pushing it too far.

Carpetners towns is not in or Castleknock as it is CARPENTERSTOWN.

The following are not in Castleknock despite what people are told they are generally regarded as being part of the Blanchardstown area & greater area.


I would even go as far to say that the Castleknock hotel is in fact not in Castleknock it is in fact in the Strawberrybeds if anything!

People think farmleigh is in the phoenix but it is not!

Sorry rant over but the property boom has caused boundry & place name pollution that is meaningless, mindless and misleading.

The whole of Dublin 15 will soon be Castleknock. Roselawn and Coolmine are not even near Castleknock.