Mixed reaction to PRSI extension reports

Mixed reaction to PRSI extension reports -> rte.ie/business/2010/0813/budget.html

There’s also, believe it or not, a proposal to make dem greedy self employed people pay as much as de ordinary joe soap paye employee.

It’s not enough that self employed get lower tax credits and absolutely NOTHING of note in return for paying 6% of their income in PRSI, but now they may have to pay the same amount as PAYE employees to keep the unemployed PAYE works in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Sure after all, the self employed all have easy jobs with short hours high levels of pay, and sure they never pay any tax nevermind. No sirree!

And of course, let’s not forget the kicker - if you are self employed and in really bad financial straights e.g. only a couple of grand income a year - you have to pay PRSI on that because there is no threshold like there is for PAYE workers. So someone self employed earning 5k a year will pay 8% PRSI (including health levy) and someone earning 18k won’t pay a penny because they chose to abdicate their earning ability to someone else.

About time someone stood up for the self employed I reckon.

Sometimes I wonder why I undertook to move my own business abroad.
Then I remember.

Posted by Johnnyskeleton:-

Yes indeed,even as a 35 year plus PAYE worker myself,I can see where this is coming from…and leading to.

Thus far even with a few minor alterations to “schemes” and some highly fractious sabre rattling in return from the representatives of those "Trapped in the Social Welfare " net the Government has shied well clear of making any meaningful cuts to Social Welfare benefits and the schemes under which they are paid.

This is not accidental and comes from the knowledge within the Government that very real Public Order problems will result as soon as the “Scratcher” is threatened…Keeping the Beer nCrisps in plentiful supply reduces the chances of the Political elite having to call a helicopter to rescue them from the roof of Leinster House…They are cunning alright…but not stupid !!!


Why the fu*king about with PRSI, why not just raise the tax and scrap PRSI and make the system as transparent as possible. Why do I feel i know the answer to that question

+1 and stop calling new taxes ‘levies’. They are f*cking taxes, full stop.