Moldova to Slane during a pandemic to deliver or make takeaways & die on a scooter on a National road at 2am


The young man was living in a house close to where he was found and had only moved to Ireland in the last three months

Local businessman David Smyth, who owns the building where Romayo’s is situated, visited the scene on Saturday morning and said the deceased was hugely liked by all who met him.
“He had only been in Ireland a few months and was due to get married to his fiancée who is back in Moldova in about three weeks time,” he said.
“I visited the scene in the early hours of Saturday morning after the accident. The deceased had lights on his scooter and was wearing a helmet and a high viz jacket

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What’s your point? That he shouldn’t have been here, or that he shouldn’t have been killed?

That’s my neck of the woods. The roads round here are seriously dangerous on weekend nights - I recall one week before Christmas last year when I spotted three cars in ditches on my morning jogs, before the drivers had had a chance to sober up and move them. Racing on the N2 is a regular occurrence. There’s no road policing worth mentioning out here.


The points should be self evident (do you ever jog at 2am ?)

  • Moldova to Ireland !
  • During a Pandemic !
  • To Deliver or make takeaways for the local populace!
  • many of whom are out of work !
  • to be on an electric scooter on a National Road !
  • on not just any national road, but that particularly difficult one !
  • at 2am !


I see what’s happened in the morning, because the cars are still there. It’s a recurring problem. I do drive at night (I live here!), but try to avoid it, for the stated reasons.

  1. Yes. People migrate. I work with several Moldovans, though not in a takeaway. I haven’t found there to be anything particularly objectionable regarding them, though you might help me out here?
  2. It’s unclear as to when he came over from the article. “A few months” is pretty vague. Travelling for an extended period for work would be lower risk than, say, travelling for holidays, no?
  3. That’s usually what’s involved in working in a takeaway, yes.
  4. The unemployed population of Meath thanks you for your concern. I’ve never gotten a vibe of endemic unemployment in Slane, but you might know better.
  5. Travelling legally on a national road, with lights and a high-vis. Would it have been any different if he was walking, or on a bike? Or on a car that had broken down, or was pulling out? Or wasn’t Moldovan?
  6. No it’s not. It’s entirely unchallenging at the posted speed limit of 80 km/hr. The section between Slane and Drogheda is trickier, with a few bends on it, but again, isn’t a problem if you’re not speeding.
  7. When he finished work.

You’re doing everything you can to avoid the point that this man was killed by a driver who did not stop, and are pointing to his nationality, or some imagined breach of Covid restrictions as the cause of his death.


Certainly doesn’t look like a hit-and-run…