Moment of Truth for the Euro Zone

Thought this was quite a good article regardless of your views of Mr. Wolf of the FT.

I’d say some of the cabinet meetings in the last days of the fall of the Bertie empire consisted of ministers sitting in the corner gently rocking ala Dumber and Dumber thinking of a safe place. Truth is a bitch.

I wonder when the financial media will start writing articles entitled

Moment of truth for the Dollar or for Sterling

Afterall, the UK (Sterling zone) is facing it’s third largest economic region, Scotland ( … dence.html), while the US is falling over itself in an attempt to fix its balooning deficit and debt by borrowing more.

IMHO, the issues within the Eurozone, serious and significant that they are, receive slightly more than their fair share of attention from UK and US based financial commentators and media. Perhaps they’re too worried to look closer to home.

Blue Horseshoe