Momentum - Another Live Register deception?

Back in December 2012, the Gov announced a new scheme, similar to Back to Education Allowance, which will provide free education and training projects for up to 6,500 long-term unemployed jobseekers.

Press Release here … 81212.aspx

This scheme reminds me very much of JobBridge, which also has around 6,000 places. Momentum, like JobBridge, also now has its own dedicated website

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

1.Be unemployed for 12 months or longer and
2.Be in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Benefit or on the Live Register for 12 months or longer (signing on for Social Insurance Contribution Credits for 12 months or longer) and
3.Be actively seeking work.

Now, is it just me or could they not have just increased the Back to Education Allowance criteria and places? Why a new scheme?

Or is this a cynical attempt to get the Live Register down by another 6,500 people?

Anyone taking up a Momentum place will still be in receipt of their state payment, but will of course, like BTEA, FÁS courses and JobBridge, not appear on the Live Register.

“Cynical attempt to get the Live Register down by another 6,500 people” gets my vote.

Of course it’s to keep people off the live register but since there are not that many jobs out there, the government must step in and keep the economic units ‘motivated’ and ‘employable’.
In my view it’s better to have this scheme rather than forcing people to do a jobbridge in the €2 shop
It also provides employment for unemployed tutors.

Springboard seems like a much better initiative.

More honest (in that you’re still on the live register), and you must still remain fully available for work and job-seeking, but you get to add skills/qualifications on part time basis (if you get a job that would require you to stop the course to take it up, then you must take the job or lose the benefit).

Extension of Community Employment programme - Minister outlines details of additional 2,000 places … 80113.aspx

March unemployment remains stable at 14% … ar2013.pdf

Here is another program where beneficiaries may not show up on the live register. Anybody know whether these show up or not? On receipt of farm assist, you do not have to be available for work.

According to this article, as of the end of 2012, there were 11,137 people claiming farm assist.

No it does not feature on the Live Register.

10,000 faux-jobs to massage the magic live register (rename it the zombie count) vs 330 jobs paying 33,000 a year, double the pay and reduce positions and you could have about 165 high powered Vincent Browns.

Time to seek refuge.

Let’s not forget. We’re spending over 20bn every year on Welfare. A third more than on HSE. Spending actually went up in 2012 v 2011, despite all the Budget cuts

Good point Jackal. By contrast the entire public service pay and pensions bill was €17 bn in 2012 and this is a gross figure, which does not capture the tax and pensions contributions made by public servants. I simply cannot understand why there is not more public debate about social welfare spending. It is just unsustainable IMO.

Hmmm lets see if we can find any devils… ah here it is! Breakdown of Social Welfare spend /// There was also a great pie char but I didn’t find that yet.

Can we also talk about Pension costs?

As posted here


Per 2013 Estimates … at-Pro.pdf

The single biggest scheme cost for Social Protection is:
State Pension Contributory with a 2013 Estimate (pg181 on) of 3.985bn and growing (up 185m from 2012 alone)

In comparison, the combined cost of Jobseeker’s Allowance and Jobseeker’s Benefit is 3.6bn.

With pension costs going up each year this huge cost must be tackled. And soon.

We also fund the
State Pension Non Contributory (957m), and
State Pension Transition (166m).

Then there is
Widows’, Widowers’ / Surviving Civil Partners’ Pension (Contributory) (1.34bn), and
Widows’, Widowers’ / Surviving Civil Partners’ Pension (Non-Contributory) (16m)

Any ideas on tackling the cost?

Many Pensioners may be better off since 2007, or at least not too worse off, as they did not have any cuts that employed persons and Jobseeker’s had, and we have had inflation of just 5.5% between February 2007 and July 2012.

So we now have another programme to deceive the Live Register stats - Gateway

800 jobseekers to work in Dublin’s local authorities … -councils/

Slave labour gone from dole + €50 a week to dole + €20.

But…this is a CONTRIBUTORY scheme. People in receipt of it have actually worked down through the years, and paid their PRSI.

It’s the people who have never/seldom worked that concern me. The qualifying age for the CONTRIBUTORY pension has been raised. The criteria for eligibility has been raised.

Some people who have never worked will actually be better off than those who do. XX

I’m as cynical as the next person, but that’s a little disingenous.

I have a friend on a similar scheme in Cork who is now off the live register. He is doing 20 hours a week for dole + 20 quid. That actually amounts to a ~10euro/hour part time job, rather than dole. He keeps his other income supplements such as rent allowance. He’s probably not strictly needed, and in reality he’s simply working for his dole, but in my estimation that’s better for the guy on the dole than working 35 hours a week in the back room of a shoe shop, or making sandwiches for an extra 50 euro on jobbridge, which really is slave labour rates.

He’s working in a community centre, and is getting something from it personally, as he’s quite civic minded. And now, this guy who for years “wouldn’t work unless it was for a fair wage”, has realised how little his (unskilled) labour is worth and is asking my advice on certificate courses which might get him a decent wage.

I’d be fairly anti-jobbridge, because I think it discourages graduates from seeking employment in Ireland. I am, however, quite encouraged by these part time work schemes for unskilled labour, as I’ve seen, first hand, unskilled resources respond reasonably well to what equates to a part-time job

Why the Dublin corporations need staff so soon after they outsourced their waste to private companies -where are all their former waste workers doing?

No more than the mandatory health insurance story in the papers today, the Govt should reform public services from top to bottom first rather than this tinkering around the edges shite whilst increasing the costs that the taxpayer has to foot

f-n joke

Man earned just 22 cent an hour after tax on community employment scheme - claim … -1.1764376

Commercial rate payers may not be happy all with this carry on. Unless they avail of the job bridge themselves. It’s a moral menage a trios in that case. What a mess. :angry: