Monetizing the War with Drugs

Okay - thing that’s been bugging me for ages - why are the Americans getting all “legal” with the tax havens?

Why blow the shit out of Switzerland’s business plan?

Drugs - a large mark-up, cash only trade.

Make it quazi-legal - by bringing all the hot money areas into your embrace - or close the long-established places with their historical custom-and-practice and offer a new region?

Stuff that just doesn’t make sense/add up:

Madoff - bag man for the druggies? Was that why the SEC wouldn’t touch him? Harry Markopolos had him, all signed, sealed, delivered with a bow on top. If ever a Ponzi scheme was hiding in plain sight it was his.

Afghanistan: … asion.html

Mexico: … NARCO.html … in_america


Burma: … owell.html


I’ve always wondered about the heroin bubbles in Dublin. In 1983 Jervis st saw 1515 addicts.

Padraig Yeates reported they spent between 100 and 200 pounds every day on the stuff in his book Smack, and those attending Jervis St represented only the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless a conservative estimate of the heroin trade in Dublin in 1983 is,
1515 x £100 x 365=£55 297500. Thats a lot of money in 1983.

In 2008 Merchants Quay dealt with 5500 addicts trying to get off heroin. Again only part of the addict population.

Its a veritable river of money over the intervening years disappeared into the Irish economy. Where did it go?

This is just pre-empting the lessons of the 1930s depression and one of the big features capital flight…Both Hoover and FDR went on a major taxation bender in the 1930s and the National Socialists came to power in Germany, so anyone with wealth that could afford to, moved it to Switzerland so the governments could not confiscate it.
The 1934 banking actin Switzerland introduced banking secrecy to shield these tax refugees, also the currency crisis of 1931 when European currencies were falling like dominoes, capital started moving so fast the governments could not keep up. In a parallel to todays G20 meetings, an international economics conference was held in London, June 1933 to discuss the depression, and the roots of central government control to resolve a crisis backed up by adaptions of the theories of Marx and Keynes took root, the crisis was never resolved until world war II eliminated most of the main protagonists (FDR, Hitler, Churchill) and the defeated countries started again from scratch, those that kept their dictators (Stalin, Franco, Mao) continued to languish in the doldrums until the end of the 70s/80s when those regimes were overturned.

To come back to the present crisis, what you are seeing is the collapse of socialism, you may not see it yet but the governments of the USA, Germany and France are moving aggressively to shut down offshore accounts (a lot of which are British protectorates). They would not do this unless they needed the money, see my signature.

Governments are getting more hostile, watch the clampdowns on internet freedom and emergency shutdown powers, re-running the Lisbon treaty and the use of state resources to target Declan Ganley, (whether you agree with his stance of not, he is now classed by the political powers as an enemy of the state). They know full well that they are being questioned and that an uprising will eventually over throw them (e.g. In 1986, French university students used a forerunner to the internet called minitel to co-ordinate protests). This is certain, history always repeats, it will probably be a collapse like Russia, but who will rise up? I have no idea yet, but, I do know the basis of the welfare state is hollow and their efforts to prop it up will only make the situation worse especially when it becomes too obvious those at the top are looting the coffers, they will be kicked out. In that regard the period 2011- 2015 will see the next leg of the crisis as the depression continues, leading eventually to the resource wars of the late 201x period as the race to mop up the remains of the American empire climaxes.

Okay - that makes sense - but isn’t there a danger of using all stick and no carrot? I would have expected some on-shore special industrial areas to have been set up to compensate - has this happened? Will it? Otherwise won’t the Chinese (the new free marketeers!) simply recognise a gap in the market and supply the service?

And isn’t the drugs industry a recession-proof industry that is also an untapped revenue source? This was part of my initial ponderings - finding a revenue source that is untapped.

This appeals to the Mexican/Afghanistan aspect of the issue - Narco states and narco capitalism: … arco_state … state.aspx … HAN-t.html

The money has to go somewhere - if the Americans are closing down it’s traditional hiding places(for political purposes), my questions is where does it go next?

The war on drugs suits governments just fine, they can seize property (CAB) and bypass any property laws they want, the great open secret is that that drugs money is washed through the city of London.

City law firms investigated over drug cartel money laundering → … 86746.html

Financial Crime and the City → … P191.shtml

How would I go about laundering money? → … ring-money

He gives a good example of this three-legged stool further on in the article:

So “Placing” is steps 1 and 2, “Layering” is steps 3 and 4 and “Commingling” is steps 5 and 6.

Transferring to London is only necessary to ease it’s journey to the Caymans. Take that leg-and-a-half of the stool away and the whole thing falls over. Now what do you put in place to prop up the stool? I don’t get it - it’s such an obvious conundrum. Even if you only concentrate on the “legitimate” tax haven money - where does it go now?

It just seems weird to me that if you look along the production, distribution and investment chain of the drugs business that there is a large shadow of state(s) control looming over it.

The war on drugs makes no sense, if they were legalized crime would drop big time.

You give the junkies their gear, make it clean & give it to them in a controlled environment with support facilities, it’ll quickly lose it’s glamour.
For the tokers, let them grow a couple of plants, won’t fucking harm anybody.
If somebody wants to fuck themselves up on drugs they’ll do it whether it’s legal or not, might aswell be the state profiting instead of shitheads…

The reason they are illegal & always will be, is because it suits TPTB.

Understatement of the year. I’m sick of people blaming capitalism and the ‘free’ market for our current crisis when it has socialism stamped all over it.

On a national scale this confuses me as well.

There have long been reports that the Irish coast is a drugs gateway: … 81182.html … 40067.html

Like all gateways you pay a tax. Yet this seems to go unreported.

The numbers of people being shot on the streets of Dublin and Limerick would not have been out of place in 70s-80s Northern Ireland.

The property bubble seemed like a massive opportunity for cleansing a load of dirty money.

The estimated figures for Irish illicit drug consumption for 2003 are: … rview2.pdf (PDF - Adobe Acrobat required)

This is just the domestic figures - no accounting for any “tribute” paid for passing through on the way to the European market.

And using the 10 times seizures figure seems a bit pie in the sky. I know that all the agencies and the state use that estimate but the estimates of cash actually put down by users suggests much higher amounts. I figure that a lot of this cash money generated from the eighties on went into property, and at least one significant landowner/developer is well known among media and criminal circles in Dublin as Mr Big in the 80s heroin game.

Farewell America → … _265en.pdf

This is a good read.

Wonder no more. The Interwoogie is awash with rumours that the head of the heroin trade in Ireland is none other than a certain multimillionaire property developer and Galway Tent type, who appeared on the scene suddenly in…yes, by amazing coincidence the 1980s, flush with megamillions, the source of which has never been satisfactorily explained.

Mafioso gangster rogue state.

Surely nothing to do with this story? → … y17750.asp

FG use his hotel for the annual also, paid for with cash in all likelihood.

Interesting! Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming seem to be designed to pick up the slack: … usat_x.htm … aware.html

Incorporate today! … aware.html

Delaware seems to be the state of choice:
An alternative view: … track.html

Looks like the foreign tax haven threat worked: … gers_N.htm

As an aside - add Italy to the list of Narco-states?

This drug thread is the perfect place for this argument
keep smokin em

Threads like this are what make this forum great. We know how to join the dots. … avens-told

And in the middle of the article they have this paragraph: … intel.html