Money woes left me cut off from the basics … 07283.html

Life as an Indo hack must not be too great after all!

This guy needs to be slapped across the face with a wet fish. WTF? I don’t know where to start with this one. The sense of entitlement is sickening.
Irregular income…ever thought of saving some money to even out the cash flow?
The big bad ultility providers looking to be paid for the service they provide -how dare they.
He obviously has shelter -so the next basic essential would be food. I wonder does his friendly supermarket offer him a line of interest free credit for his food purchases. Or do they also (unreasonably) expect payment at point of sale?

Impossible to have sympathy for anyone who would make such a declaration.

Eh, link?!? :unamused:

Has to be Alison O’Riordan.

I agree with that article, I mean without doubt tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Phish food is a necessity one cannot and should not do without! And living on an irrational income as an irrational journalist for an irrational national rag one should keep pets which will drain ones meagre income but mans best friend and all that what?

So one wonders why ones country is f*cked with idiots like this writing articles for newsrags. :unamused:

If she’s so broke he can’t afford his electricity bill, wtf hasn’t he learned to cook.
She’d save more than enough money to pay it with a bit of sensible shopping.

ESB take forever to cut you off, I know this from personal experience of messed up direct debits, and E63 a month for UPC is not reasonable, not if you’re getting your electricity cut off.

Maybe she mixed up the ESB with the ECB . Propably thinks its a one way street with the ECB paying for everything in Ireland . Can’t blame her really as Cowen , Lenihan and 40 gaffs are always saying how generous the ECB are .

It’s a she. Here’s another gem from the same author. Which would make her 42 now -and still not financially responsible. :angry:

A few ill-affordable luxuries in there, I’m afraid. Seems to lack a basic ability to properly manage his/her money. Yes, probably an Indo journalist - fits the general IQ profile of same.

I’m surprised they even have an irregular income. I would expect a freelance journalist to have zero income if they can’t even paint themselves in a positive light. “The Bank of Eileen”… very cleverly thought out name. Definitely journalistic material.

I wonder how all her furry cats and dogs coped without the electricity. They deserve a more responsible owner :unamused:

They coped fine. They were under her duvet. I’d say she’d sooner spend her money on dogfood than on ESB. I’ll say this much in her favour: I’d happily let her mind my dog :smiley:

this is all a bit harsh on a freelance journalist.

There are a lot of people with very little cash for whom work has dried up.

I would have thought a bit more sympathy and charity would be in order.

I’m not aware of any cringe inducing pro property pimp pieces penned by this journalist so maybe we should cut her a little slack

So having established it’s desperately unfair to kick someone out of a house they can’t afford the national debate is moving forward to whether it’s desperately unfair to cut people off from services they can’t afford.

No evidence that the furry cats and dogs are live ones…

Cable TV is a bit of a luxury, but phone and broadband are probably not (not for a journalist anyway). It would probably make sense to separate the two and cope without TV… but then this is not an advice thread!

I think the entitlement incontinence masks a deeper malaise in society - the two pay-checks from poverty situation.

The parents helped her out with the Bord Gais payments but she didn’t spend it on that and she can’t remember what she spent it on??? :angry:

Why on earth is this in a newspaper in any case? No matter what section… To get the UPC reconnected seems the simple answer but it masks something deeper…

We are not talking about a freelance journalist as such -we are talking about a grown adult, who it would seem is happier to spend money on convenience meals and expensive ice cream than on light and heat.

Agreed and for the most part these people do not eat Ben and Jerrys icecream not because it melted when their ESB was cut off, but because they didn’t buy it in the first place. Cut your cloth to measure and all that.

Refer above.

Whether she did or did not write any such material is irrelevant. We are taking the article at face value, and it is not about property in any case. (This is not a Brendan O Connor scenario where he told us to go and buy property, and then later looked for sympathy for people who got stung)

I doubt any of that story is true.

If I was a freelance journalist looking to pick up a pay cheque that is exactly what I would send into the sindo.

Hello Andrea! :stuck_out_tongue:

An Indo hack might need to watch TV to write about Big Brother, X Factor etc.
Although most should be available as FTA.
A cable subscription might be a bit of a luxury she could do without.

“it was howling because my electricity had been cut off a day earlier, and its battery was now being
drained. And on that never-ending and embarrassing night, there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop it.”
Press Mute or Remove Battery or Disconnect Siren.

“couldn’t use the house phone, read a book”
These two things shouldn’t depend on electricity. :confused:

"all going out less and "
Less? :confused:

“so the Government and utility providers would do well to be more proactive in helping the people affected.
After all, in these recessionary times, there is a very important distinction to be made between those who
won’t, and those who simply can’t pay their bills.”
I’d chalk this particular writer down as one who “won’t”.

+1. Fair play to her for discussing it.

Here’s some numbers to consider.

1.6 Million houses. 900 cut off per month, 10’800 per annum.

Over a lifetime of 75 years the average household has a 51% chance of being cut off from electricity.