Money woes left me cut off from the basics … ies/505194

Although in this girls case it was 48 hours.

She has that 0.1% feel to her… … 141&page=1

She’d make a great petsitter though…

She couldn’t afford to pay her bills but can afford ben and jerrys 8DD

exactly what I was thinking.

I have no idea why people are so gleefully attacking the author here. Even if she’s made some financial errors - haven’t we all? - there is no indication of wanton financial cretinism. Ok, she’s a hack, which isn’t the most popular of professions, but she just seems like another one of those people who’s income has crashed and can’t afford her bills. There isn’t much suggestion those bills relate to unreasonable expenditure. And while maybe she could have saved more that is not necessarily something she could have afforded when earning more. I don’t see anything here to invite all the opprobrium she’s getting here.

The she seems quite nice in the TV3 interview. Just a bit clueless.

Is everyone who works for the Sunday Indo broke? It’s look odd for a paper which aims for the aspirational, shallow, upwardly-mobile type to have a bunch of paupers on the staff talking about eating tinned beans.


There’s no shortage of freelancers willing to prostitute themselves in the seamy Sindo bed - except admitting you’ve done the deed with them is a bit like having the clap, not something you want to take into your next meaningful relationship.

Getting your electricity cut off isn’t a financial error. How late do you have to be, how many notices do you have to ignore before they actually cut you off?

I’m more concerned about the fact that a whole generation of ‘journalists’ seem to write only about themselves.


Watching too much Big Brother.

Colour writers have a remit to write about what interests them and the themes of society at large. As befits the celtic tiger, the main theme and interest is “moi”… largely “because I’m worth it”. I blame self-help…

“Self-love” of the literary kind may be more apt!

“verbal masturbation in their guarded bureaucratic wombs”…

That’s it exactly, I mean human interest and personal anecdote are fine, however when it is to push a personal agenda (and when that agenda is related to finances), it does raise a conflict of interest, and also the question about whether it is worthy of being printed.

The gist of this article is that this indivual (with a profession, albeit freelance) did not for one reason or another pay her utility bills, and is trumpeting the populist message that these utility providers are big mean corporate entities -‘cut you off at the drop of a hat’ etc.

It is reminiscent of the Alison O Riordan nama for the people story alluded to earlier in this thread.

I do sympathise with anyone who genuinely cannot afford to pay their utility and other other reasonable bills, and meet the cost of a basic living.

However I take issue with the attack on the utility providers. Chorus, I’m sure (as a private entity) would cut you off for non payment without a second thought, and as she states apply a penalty as well. if this happens to you -you learn fairly sharpish, not to repeat the experience. The Semi states ESB and Bord Gais are seen as a soft touch ‘they’ll never cut me off’.

Arguably the two main human necessities are food and shelter in that order.

Would the supermarket provide her with free food if she did not pay them? Of course not. Yet this could be argued to actually be life threatening. But nobody expects the supermarket to provide goods free of charge, yet when a utility provider withdraws a service (which is a relative luxury, compared to the basic need for food) for non-payment, they are deemed to be the bad guys.

A bit more realism, reponsibility and less self pity from these hacks is whats required. Let them set up a blog if they want to moan about their ‘harsh’ lives. Where is the editor FFS?

You have to be a flake of the highest order to get cut off by the ESB- Anyone who has had the horror of trying to get errant housemates to cough up their share of the bill in these situations will know you would have to have gone at least 9 months not paying a bean and ignored a half dozen ‘final notice’ letters before the ESB pull the plug.
Bord Gais would gvie you about 6 months.

jayz, god be with the days when people blew their bill and rent money in an honest to goodness manner- on gargle.

Yep been there and done that in my younger days. They do not cut you off easy. Getting ESB money from my flat mate in our younger days was like getting a bone from a rotweiller. If I paid I would never get it back. It was a normal ritual to wait until we were cut off to pay them. He would not budge until then. We did get lots of warnings and plenty of time.

To me the problem with this writer isn’t the fact that she’s had money problems and is describing the difficulty of that, it’s her outrage and sense of entitlement. If her article outlined a period of her life where she was low on money and couldn’t pay her bills so was cut off from her utilities, which is a horrible experience, and she was using this first hand knowledge to sympathise with those in that position now it would be a reasonably worthwhile article that no-one would take issue with. But that isn’t what she’s written. Her article is a whiney diatribe which gives the reader nothing but an insight into her sense of entitlement her financial disregard for her mother.

She’s a grown woman in her 40s yet she goes to her mother with her hand out to pay her bills and then doesn’t even use that money for her bills. I find that sickening, there have been times over the past five years that due to currency fluctuations it’s made sense for me to ask my parents to cover payments for me in Euro and I’ve done the same for them in Sterling but we always make sure to pay it back. Both my husband and I work freelance now so we make sure to have a specific savings pot to cover fallow months. We both rely somewhat on broadband so we prioritise that payment. The fact of the matter is UPC doesn’t give a shit as to why we want their service, they just want their money. They are a company not philanthropists to the arts, making money is their only aim.