Monte Alverno, Sorrento Road, Dalkey (-13.5 Mil / -54%)

Was 25 Mil, now 17.5 Mil … HNFU316985

Quite a drop, as with a lot of the big properties, be interesting to see exactly how low they will have to go to sell. If I remember correctly, they paid less than 2 Mil, so they’ve some room to negotiate.

From the Irish Times - Thursday, April 26, 2007 … 01885.html

Now 15 Million! Now a 40% drop … HNFU316985

Speaking of Sorrento Road Does anyone know whatever happened with the sale of #1 Sorrento Terrace, it was for sale a few years back, dropped price from 30 Mil to 20 Mil, but then I never heard anything further. Maybe it sold.

This is a prime example of the type of house that could fall 80%

Nobody left with that kind of cash to splurge

Now 11.5 Mil !! The big ones are falling hard! Thats down 54% … HNFU316985

Amazing how wrong they had it!

Even being generous and giving a value of 550EUR/sq.ft, the sums puts the “pin” price at EUR4.7m.
Firmly in the 80% drop range…

removed from myhome and the sherryfitz websites has it been sold or withdrawn ???

I’m of the opinion that, had it sold, you would have heard about it !

If it sold, the buyer may have made it a condition that the EA does not publicise the fact. Happens now and again with publicity-shy figures.

Of course the grapevine should eventually flush out the truth - or a colourful version of it.

if and thats if it was sold it would be intresting to see how much of that ridiculous asking price was achieved :laughing:

According to the indo it was bought for around £1.3m in 1992 ( … 24811.html )

POA … 38367/20/1

Sold for €5.85m 8th December 2021

Owe it to this thread to post… this site has definitely experienced some… mission creep shall we say.

Spartacus bought it.

I’m Spartacus.

Did nt the original property for sale in 2008 have another house built in the (very large) grounds and subsequently sold? I vaguely remember a very expensive ultra modern house being sold a few years ago.The original 19’th century house remaining unsold for many years. This must be the 19’th century house.

As for the mission creep. What just happened will have even stronger long term economic effects than 2008. Can’t be other wise given the more than doubling of the money supply in the last 18 months. And given how quickly the narrative of the last two years is being buried the last few weeks things should be back to normal in 3 to 6 months. By normal I mean 1973. The last time this happened.

I’m so old I remember the price of a Curly Wurly going from 12p to 20p in less than a year, And they got much smaller two. Both inflation and shrinkflation. Almost half the size. The 1970’s was not just bad hair, bad clothes and disco…

That is the original house that has now sold. The modern monster on the site is still on the market, asking €6.9M for 655 sq.m.

Why do people build ultra modern houses and fill them with old furniture?