Montpelier Hill, Smithfield

Gotta love this place, it evens comes with a circle of hip friends out the back. They do look like theyve been held captive against their will tho.

It’s quite a while since I’ve subjected myself to an Irish house ad…So:
HAlf a million euro! HAHAHAHAHAlf a million. They want about $700k dollars for that.

Good lord, there’s so much further to go.

What a groovy gaff. Shame about the location.

An absolutley horrible road. I wouldn’t pay €5,000 to live there. And I already live in Stoneybatter.

I live in stoneybatter too and they are seriously asking 550,000 for a alright house on a road known,
with good reason, to be the main drag for prostitutes on the Northside… I couldn’t live there if that
gaff was free.

Funny thing is I was going for my bi-yearly run down there the other week and one of said ladies of the early afternoon
asked if I had a light as she held a jonny blue to her red painted lips… Obv’ not one of they ones just doing it to put herself through college.

Any idea of the address? #50 is one of the current crop of Green ministers, ex-architect, now bedfellow of FF (despite saying that when you sup with the devil you need a long spoon)…

LOL I thought you were referring to Arbour Hill Prison !! - only a stones throw away

There are some charming houses in that area, seen a lot of gentrification. That little food shop on Arbour Hill [Road] is what you would expect in Ranelagh, complete with tasty treats, staff and kids with posh accents.

However there are some 'orrible parts, especially along that road - it sorta backs on to O’Devaney Gardens

Nevermind the English but what era was this copy written during? :angry:

I, too, live nearby.
The area has its attractions, but this road would be like living with piranaha fish.
This micro-area will never be gentrified as much of the adjacent housing is local authority.

Worth Eu200k, maybe.

Yup, Stoneybatter itself is grand now. Pubs like L Mulligan’s Grocer and Walshes, the delicatessen you refer to - Lilliput - and restaurants like Plan B and Thai Spice.

Montpellier Hill is just that bit too far away from the action though. I suppose you have Parkgate St (Ryan’s and Juno’s) just around the corner but the street itself is a huge turnoff. The back of the Aisling belies the effort they’ve put into the facade, and the housing down toward Arbour Hill (the apartments especially) resemble the tenements last seen in the days of the executed leaders of the 1916 rising who are lying in the nearby cemetery.

On-street parking too.

I (briefly) considered this new development but immediately changed my mind after walking past it one evening last week. … n-7/209872

I too was looking at the various names of “Mews” on Montpelier Hill recently.

I too encountered a “lady of the afternoon” lurking about on the street corner. Someone had already lit her cigarette at that point.

We took a walk around for half an hour and as you move closer to Infirmary Rd and the new courts complex, things become increasingly sketchy.

I’m sure there is a project for someone in a street by street guide to Dublin and the tone of neighbourhoods.

Er, “we”? :slight_smile:


Then I hope that old journalists staple came into play:
“I made my excuses and left”

Said property is also up for rent - as a 3BR mind - for 2k per month:

Hahaha, etc.

Hold on, a 4 bed with a “lounge” “library” and kitchen in 95sq m (1,023 sq ft)?


Isn’t “Smithfield” rather tenuous for this neck of the woods?

What’s even more bizzare is that they clearly think that Smithfield is a more desireable appelation than Arbour Hill, Stonybatter or, at a real push, Islandbridge/Chapelizoid.

I suspect they feel Arbour Hill and Stonybatter are simply off the radar for the middle class punters they hope to target - only true blue Dubs would be able to locate the areas on a map - (took me years to know where they were anyway… and in fairness the boundaries are ill defined (?)) - certainly not the Ranelagh/SCD aspiring hipsters pictured around the campfire - Smithfield is well known for the redevelopment; Islandbridge is in a different postcode as is Chapeliziod

Any fellow non-Dubs (or Southsiders) care to comment? … -7/1475920

any thoughts on WIW?

possibly attractive for an investor at that price?

These would make a great brothel, especially given the area. Could you get a grant for the employment? It would also give a better return than renting.