Morally bankrupt property ad

Found this ad in the Limerick Post. It has been running for a few weeks now.

Might as well read
“Sure, you might lose your job but fuck it, when you do it ain’t my problem, nevertheless cheers for digging me out of my sticky situation.”

I also notice the use of the word ‘ladder’. Should that not be legally changed to ‘slide’ by now?
No mention of the price of the places, no mention if it is interest only etc.


Should the embed fail it can be found on page 36 of the digital version of the Limerick Post. … cc=3518360

No Prices?

Per this site the range is 229 - 299

229 less the deposit at 561 per month is 1% over 40 years. Nice

Also, notice the bloke … N%26um%3D1

Most ads are trying to emphasise the monthly cost now - including teaser rates, tax breaks and sometimes even “rent a room”!

Perhaps the regulator sgould require a health warning…

“Ladders may go down as well as up.”

How an earth did you spot that?

Yeah and a 20% deposit in the small print too…

Why not go the whole hog… yours for just €10 a month with a 99% deposit…

I think we should start calling it the property tide:

  1. It goes up and down
  2. It lifts all boats when its coming in, and drops all when its going out
  3. You can get in at any time if you really want to
  4. Everyone wants to jump in when its sunny!
  5. It average out over time to be about the same (inflation adjusted)

any takers?

And you only see who’s swimming naked when it goes out.

“Only €7500 savings to own your own home!”

Sounds like a fair price.

On the other hand, if they mean “only €7500 savings to owe your own mortgage”…