More "advice" from the Sindo

I never normally buy it but the McNamara story piqued my interest and I relented. I came across this little gem: … 86443.html

Headlined with “Property tycoon’s TV show says now is the time to buy” which seemed somewhat unusual advice for very obvious reasons. So I read the article and the last couple of lines were “This time next year will be a really good time to buy, just before the market starts getting stronger again.”

Ehhhh I’m confused… a property expert who doesn’t have a clue or a journalist lacking some basic temporal skills.

I really don’t know what to make of it - bad editing, stupidity, obnoxious vested interest (with a rather unpleasant implicit disregard for the intelligency of their readership “Ahhh sure they won’t read the WHOLE article”)

And don’t get me started with that muppet on the front page…

mambo has already beaten you to that article in this other thread: :wink: