More Crap Washes out of London . … 256253.ece

Once they are named one is always tempted to see what toilet paper they have washing around in the ISE . One is usually on the right track.

Sure Enough Henderson , Odey , Kinetic and Systeia all showed up on a quick search :frowning:

I was at an interview at a large London-based US bank there on Thursday (yes, the day of the SG story!). I haven’t got my hopes up… I had to walk through the floor on the way to the interview room and I can tell you there were people standing on desks, shouting down the phones and cursing their screens. Is this normal?!

Having worked in that enviornment, yes.

OK, right. I was in ABNM-AMRO (the Dutch bank) before where a mate of mine works and it seemed a lot calmer!

Must have been one of the banks that didn’t have inside information.

Only on a trading floor during a period of volatility …up or down is pretty much the same .

The last big lot was the hurricane / black monday weekend in 1987 . On friday a ‘hurricane’ kept over half the staff at home . On monday it was black monday .

I was in the IT department myself and had a very quiet Friday and a very quiet Black Monday save the odd bleat on the phone as to whether there were any systems faults with the Reuters feed.

Nahh mate , s’alright innit .

Nobody wanted any maintenance done . All systems were nominal. Fuck it , nothing to do.

Traders shouted and roared, I went to the pub for a swill. The yanks caused most of the grief after I was back in the booozer again at 6pm .

Nobody spoke to anybody about ANYTHING on Tuesday . I had a hangover. Suited me.

On Wednesday I felt that tumultousness was karmically disposed to wash over me …in essence. That was a revelation of sorts to me , I went clubbing that night . Shite club down in Deptford.

Felt grungy on thursday. I do remember that :frowning: