More dead in 2021 than previous year



More Dead from The Covids in 2021 so far than all of 2020… 895 more so far.

2020 2021
2237 3132

Total: 5369


Excess deaths
Coronavirus 2020

Using the latest dataset file, we get a bit of a higher figure, an extra 1,029 dead in 2021 compared to last year.

2020 2021
2181 3210

Total: 5391

This give the highest figure representing a 47% increase in dying in 2021 compared to 2020, so far.

Preliminary Conclusion: Tsunamis come in 2-3 waves. :icon_eek:

Coronavirus 2020

Deaths (60 day)

60 days up to Oct, 20th: 2020 Vs 2021

2020 2021
104 295

181% increase in deaths or 191 more people dead in current 60 day period compared to last year.

Death figures are deaths recorded as with thing.


Sept seems to be an outlier month. 157 deaths in 2021 vs. 31 in 2020. Don’t know why - could be a data dump of previous month data.

Enormous increases in deaths in the USA though. Esp. 25 - 44 age group.


It’s not an outlier. It’s magic.


Interesting twitter thread showing weekly rip deaths. Seems to be a consistent 5-10% increase:


Does anyone know what percentage of deaths are actually announced on, and has this percentage changed over the past few years.

We just need to be sure that we’re simply not seeing an increase in the percentage of deaths recorded on the site as opposed at a real increase in deaths relative to the population.

Another factor to consider is the ageing baby boomer generation are now dying off and the surge in births 75 years ago should result in a flatter surge in deaths as they approach eol.


Most of the deaths on are published by the undertaker and this has been the case for quite a while. I can’t see any reason why this would change significantly over the last year.

I would expect a slow steady increase for baby boomers not a sudden leap.


Agreed, I just want to avoid chasing shadows.
It’s far too easy to come to the wrong conclusions when all factors are not accounted for.


Sometimes events do not afford such fine civilised luxuries and you can be sure the regime is not waiting around either to facilitate such frivolous sorties. There is the agenda. There is the timescale. it is working to a plan, and must account to the dark fairies for their shortcoming in fulfilling said agenda within time.


Key takeaway : “Website provides close to ‘real time’ indication of mortality trends in Ireland”


Tentatively, the Japanese are noticing they have an increasing death rate in 2021, something about it being the first serious increase since WWII, with nothing else to explain it like natural disasters etc. etc. it is being noticed and looked at - more later.


COVID Deaths and Cases

From 28 February 2020 to 15 October 2021