More new build owners under-water

Members of Civil Defence patrolling Centaur Street in Carlow yesterday. Water ran to six feet in some parts of the town after the Barrow burst its banks over the weekend. Photograph: Frank Miller

Women and home owners first.

No actually thats two EAs showing a FTB around …

Prize for the best caption …

'Why not make that move to Carlow, known to many as the Venice of Ireland , its an up and coming area for metrosexual man and his SATC wag "

Headline: ‘Property Splash’

Tom Parlon convinces FTB’s to splash out.

From today’s indo

So, no more building on flood plains, eh? And “proper planning” ??

More rocket science from our fearless leaders. :unamused:

we won’t need planning laws for a few years yet

because no one will be building nuttin til we get rid of the empties

Carlow apartment prices soar as new upgrades are unveiled.

Overlooking the newly formed Carlow Bay, these apartments include the nations first ever “larger than olympic sized” swimming pools in basements.


Shit Creek, Carlow

local apartment dwellers demand paddles

Internet users laugh at flooded culchies from the comfort of high ground.


Disaster in Carlow as Tom Parlon bursts; emergency services comment “we knew he was a bag of piss, but we were not prepared for the extent of the damage he has caused”.

Carlow hosts IAVI conference. Flood of tears reaches epic proportions.



God finally has enough of Irish, sends flood.
Government department responsible for the Ark provides a smaller than expected boat, and selects two males to go forth and multiply.


Fear of rising damp proved to be unfounded as VIs redirect water amenity to nearby development, " people are flooding in" said A.N. Other-Gobshite of the Gombeen Party Development Association. locals were said to have been less than bemused to learn that their insurance didnt cover them, the local TD was and is staying on holiday and councillors were blaming one another.

Ah well another day in paradise. :unamused:

An Equality Authority decision meant that it would be discrimination on the grounds of both gender and sexual orientation to exclude same sex couples!

Its funny because its true…

All my downstairs has just been destroyed. It’ll take months to get the smell and damp out of my house.
Many of my possessions that I worked hard for over the years have just been destroyed, and I can’t afford to replace them because the insurance company won’t insure for flood damage any more.
Looks like I’ll have to redecorate as well.

Could be worse, those are 10 story apartment blocks.

You serious ?