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Inquiry set up into Ireland’s banks - → … 32718.html

… That bit’s new. 8DD (and popcorn)

Today’s Latin phrase, girls and boys, is [*panem et circenses * (Bread and circuses - Wikipedia). That’s right, panem et circenses.

Will there be ‘Feats of Memory Loss’ competitions?

Then it has to be held on Festivus!

In this country you just feel like a dog whose head is being patted while they’re neutering you.

Do you ever have a service provider working for you who is “managing” you. It might be a lawyer, and outsourcer, a property manager, a financial advisor. That’s what this country feels like all the time to me. With their pre-emptive leaks to media outlets all the time.

As soon as I heard this bullshit “announcement” that Kenny and Gilmore had solemnly met and agreed to start this inquiry I was just sick to death of their fuckology. Which is the only word for it.

I heard twink is setting the terms of reference.

A stupid interbank market threw a bunch of money at a bunch of stupid people regulated by fucking cretins that we ended up on the hook for.

What else are we going to discover? Seriously.

Really I’d like the inquiry to be run by a team of psychiatrists

What sort of conclusions should we get that we won’t - the motives and framework to it all:

Diagnosis of the arrogance matched with ignorance - We had Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Versions of Foreign Banks. If Ireland became a markedly less arrogant and ignorant place that would be worth to me about 5% what we pumped into Anglo.

The fact that bankers just don’t understand lending risks. Despite a subset of them calling themselves “risk managers” they have no clue.

The Ireland Inc Charade It’s not a golden circle its a golden network where if a regulator caused trouble a chorus just starts about how we need to help “wealth producers” and be “responsive” and be careful not to “stifle through over-regulation”

A discussion on the nature of leverage itself How the tax system is set up to encourage borrowing. That this is wrong.


That’d be good, a few sociologists and anthropologists would help. I presume we’ll see parts of it trickle out of universities over the next few decades, with nothing ever learned.

Banking inquiry ‘to restore confidence’ - → … 67136.html

And that my friends, is how hyper-inflation starts. Everything except high inflation is now bad to the man with (indirect) access to the printing presses.

Banking inquiry set to be political show trial - Shane Ross → … 41449.html

Lehman brothers anyone…

Business Post quoting TDs saying Ross is one definitely not on the committee because of his outspoken statements. Beside’s he’s a publicity hound who’ll make it all about himself and also has a lot of embarrassing form cheering on Fingers/Seanie/Sean Quinn

I have heard both Ross and Stephen donnelly on radio insist that they would not wish to be on the panel given their well known opinions on the matter

Is there any public representative who has not given their opinion at this stage?! … 84139.html

Change the fucking constitution then or stop the farce.

I think the remit given was ‘You can examine everything but the evidence’.

I think they’ll need more than a mere Constitutional amendment to get to the truth of matter.

Will we be using the Psychics hotline to find out exactly what Lenihan was thinking, & whose advice he sought before making the most momentous decision on the history of the State ?

Are we going to hire a couple of Americans from Guantanamo to do a light little water-boarding on Bertie to extract what his motivations were for the numerous appointments of congenital idiots to critical posts that he made ?

Will we be needing the services of the Betty Ford clinic to get BIFFO ready for his testimony ?

Can we resurrect Torquemada to take care of the questioning of the likes of Fingers & the Anglo execs, who likely will sit in the committee room, for days on end & say exactly nothing, all the while costing a fucking fortune in legal fees ?