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Group advises 20-year scope for banking inquiry … -1.1876223

Before it all kicks off, can I make a prediction that it will cost a multiple of the original estimate and be completely ineffectual other than issuing a number of meaningless recommendations at the end, none of which will be acted upon.

Everyone one who was involved will be dead. I need to write a song. I’ll call it BANKING Bloody BANKING.

They can’t even repossess the BTL’s in default after how many years and REFORM is for boybands only it seems…

Oh If there was ever a sign I was searching for today to underline the depth of foreboding that is churning in my belly waters. I have it now.

Here is my message and reiteration of guidance past, since little has changed if at all;

The PYRAMID PARASITES do not have your best interests at heart. They-has no heart.
Ireland is ready for nothing anticipated-abnormal because a tenuous multi-platform multi-cellular visionless configuration leaves it weak to further oncoming global events, by design. Never by free-choice.

It’s that time agian to remind ourselves, we are alone together and recognize our common experience against the machinations of the PYRAMID PARASITES and their fear factories.

Your grace is, you have a Heart.
A guidance immense.

We could have our own real open public inquiry on the web, dedicated as so.
Prepare an open source report at the end.
Plenty of resources out there. I’ve thought about it before.
Seems fitting. Shake things up a little.
Like the Christmas tree you can keep forever.

For news equality, when reporting about the banking inquiry, it will be interesting to see if the IT, Indo, Vinnie and RTE give equal space to those arguing there should be no inquiry at all

Election timetable dictates Banking Inquiry agenda - Shane Ross → … 60632.html

Two who predicted crash 'may appear first at banking inquiry - → … 37510.html

so much attention given to de banks without looking at the “fundamentals” behind the bubble … -1.1943465

From the Irish Times article:

Surely that says it all … about mc sharry

Um, who was in Cabinet during this time?
Who was finance minister after McCreevy (who arguably was pushed out before the worst excesses - Sep 2004 was when he left office)?
How much influence did the PDs have on McCreevy/Cowen?

at the risk of minimizing Cowen’s general mismanagement I feel it was the brazen McCreevy who initially destroyed any concept of prudence/ adhering to economic orthodoxy. Ignoring advice became the norm under his watch

Yeah, that’s fair enough. It became the norm that what was good for the tent was good for the country…

or that if you were against pro-cyclical tax cuts [at a time of massive inflation and unsustainable growth] you were a pinko-leftie.

As for the fucking SSIA XD

Sindo ad on the wireless.

The book is being serialised tomorrow.

"The troika ruled out burning the bondholders "
This scandalous decision ruined us all etc etc

" if you burn the bondholders we’ll bankrupt the country "
(eh, hang on a second?)

Saint Lendahand was a victim.

Did they really say that ?
I distinctly remember the IMF being pro-burning.

I guess you’ll have to buy the Sindo tomorrow to find out The Truth!!

There are times when ignorance is bliss.

Mary O’Rourke and Alan Ahearne on Matt Coopers show yesterday discussing the upcoming book on St Brian. What a pair of gowls. I nearly smashed my phone. O’Rourke even had the audacity to have a cut at Richard and John Bruton for not contributing but didn’t mention close colleagues Bertie or Cowan until Matt Cooper brought them up.

Ahearne saying what a clever man Lendahand was and how he could pick things up quickly. Yeah, maybe it would have been better to exclude Anglo from the guarantee, and Lendahand mulled it over with Alan but presumably he couldn’t find a way to do it.

As usual lately Matt was as cutting and incisive as a wet duvet.

Bankers and mandarins are still the ‘untouchables’ as the rest of us are squeezed - Ivan Yates → … 22551.html

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