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COwen wont enact the 1% tax cut from 41% to 40%

Thanks a lot Suckers!!!

Oh no! He’s talking down the economy! :unamused:

Can we blame him now?

He never should have enacted the cut from 42% to 41% in the first place. He pushed up the economy at a time he should have being trying to reign it in. He could have stuffed the surplus away for next year or at least he would have ended this year nearer to break even. This was of course rampant electioneering.

In fairness, he did exactly what he said he’d do - the tax cut was predicated on a continuous rosy economic picture, and it was the lowest priority.

The fact that the sheeple heard “tax cut” and not “tax cut, but only if…” is their own fault. I know I heard and understood exactly what Biffo said on Primetime.

Really all he is doing is “managing expectations” that buzz phrase euphamisim they love to pawn off on us poor creators, well they built the fucking expectations up to drink from the chalice, like they “built the builders” and they have not a foot to stand on methinks so FF & the Government can go feck off.

Go on, take the money and run…

Make sure the last thing to steam-roll through before leaving office is your final salary.