More regulation for landlords (read increased costs)

Twas in the Times as well. There was a quote from someone (forget who) that there is already existing legislation in place to deal with most of this. As is the case with many things in Ireland, the existing legislation isn’t really enforced. So don’t hold your breath for any effect from proposed new laws.

The pressure will come from other owners in the area who want to sell or rent and if the area looks like a kip, it will substantially reduce the price.


So the only reason they are implementing this useless cosmetic measure is not for the sake of renters but for the sake of exisiting home owners! :imp:**

Lets not address the governments decades of dereliction of duty in properly regulating the market and enforce regulations How proactive will they be in enforcing this compliance among landlords rather than using tenants as a proxy who are obliged by law to make sure their landlords are compliant. I believe Stalin pioneered these techniques long time ago.

More proof the fucking scumbags Muppets in power are nothing but scumbags Muppets, airbags filled of rancid & putrid pomposity.

We all know many landlords will try to lean on their tenants to do this work and tenants will probably capitulate… unless… unless the market brings a few surprises :wink:

I think of recent comments from one landlord whom on learning of their tenants leaving, on the back of an unrealistic hike in the rent (600+), stated matter of factly “you can’t leave, do you know how hard it is to get tenants this time of year…”

While I would not like to brush all landlord garda with the same brush I can’t help myself. There is a sea change yet to come. Then I may need a few more brushes but for now I’ll fold me arms and say