More renters are losers propaganda from MSM

Housing collapse banishes lost generation to renting limbo -Breda Heffernan → … 15661.html

Other than that the CSO data is here → … inireland/

NWL also has a summary on his blog → … -property/

“Average weekly rent is €166 with private landlords, €59 for local authorities”

I’d think most local authority houses would be 3 beds, sometimes more.
A huge huge proportion of private accomodation would be studio flats and 2 beds with 2beds being seen for years as the optimal rental unit in the private rental sector.

I jump to conclusion that local authorities are subsidising the cost of accomodation.

I’ve self-censored myself here and just deleted a rant about the residents of Council housing estate behind where I used to live.

So why haven’t rents soared ? :angry:

Because supply has soared :slight_smile:

The have taken down comments made by people - normally they stay up 48 hours must have gotten to much heat

Love the slant.
**Young Irish families forced to rent. ** Sounds like hell compared to young Irish families condemned to service a massive mortgage.

and won’t be dropping in the forseeable future

Dublin has 17,597 vacant houses and 25,333 vacant apartments :shock:

I thought all the vacants were in Leitrim and if they were in Dublin were definitely apartments

All comments have been removed from the article now.

What would be an interesting angle to take on this is whether or not we are creating a new landlord class (or indeed Landlord class) with increasingly large amounts of the housing stock in the hands of a relatively small number of people. Lots of people got rich in the boom, and not all of it was lost. The truly canny got their cash out and we’ve been seeing it go back into property over the last couple of years.

Of the 40% property transactions that are for cash, what percentage are investors?

Would have been nice to see the breakdown of how many renters are landlords too…

I did a quick calculation my share as an individual has been about 47,000 or thereabouts on rent since 2002. Granted it goes a bit higher if I include the OH but over that period I have shared with 2,3 even 6 people.

I dare not think about what I might have paid and be liable for had I gotten a mortgage in 2002. :astonished:

So renters of the world unite and hold the recovery to ransom… we’ll have our day out yet! :smiley:

well if they have bought property already those cannys are in for one hell of a loss in the next year. i think 2013 will be THE year when property prices really begin to collapse. Default/devaluation and cash sales only going forward. May the odds always be in your favour!