More Trouble for Mortgage Holders.

2Pack already warned 'ye lot about this!

What’s certain, is that if the BOI, Premanent TSB and IIB are making noises about increasing their borrowing rates, the rest will follow suit.

I till be funny if Comical Austen sees his bank rising rates without the ECB rising rates even though we are “at the top of the rate cycle”. It will be interesting to see him explain that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting housebuyer. Where did you get the article from? Can you give us a link?


Too Late now. The good deals are gone.

I am not a bit surprised that IIB Permo and BoI are top of the list of suspects for the imminent rate rise. You may remember that I told Dan as much a few weeks back and Dan works for BoI as we know:frowning: :imp:

Those particular lenders relied to a great extent on securitisation to raise funds . Now they cannot raise funds because they cannot securitise.