More VI sputum from the IT today........

7 EAs in the one article (highlighting is mine), with not a single balancing comment - they’re better trained than the Palestrina choir!!!

There’s a fierce bang of desperation from the Irish Times advertising section, alright.

Tragic piece of writing…

Hahahahaha… :stuck_out_tongue:

None of them are talking up the market for next year though and this is where it gets sticky, 5-15% annual growth over the past decade has outstripped the money spent on legal fees, stamp duty etc. and the capital appreciation has enabled many investors to leverage into further properties.

This article is positively Orwellian given that 4 days ago Prime Time definitively showed these people to be pathalogical liars.

Or did I dream that? Hmmmm…maybe I did. Perhaps it’s Kafka, not Orwell. Wheels within wheels.

That’s a brilliant line - it sounds as if they’re doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, not the reality of “nothings selling so we’re reducing prices”.

The Irish Times is going to have to start considering introducing page 3 stunners, once the funny money advertising budgets get cut. :cry:

I don’t really get this , if potential buyers are jumping over then fence and there is a record number of properties for sale why do we have to wait until Februaru to see how the market will be like in 2007.

He is basically saying it is mad busy and he is saying it is quite in the same sentence.??? :confused:

Check out this link. Menolly Homes have no need to produce any sales paff when it comes to marketing their homes. Just quote the Irish Times Journalist Kate McMorrow, again and again and again and again… :laughing:

I wonder will Kate McMorrow be getting a christmas present off Menolly Homes this year. If she does she better enjoy it because there mighn’t be enough in the kitty for any presents next year.

Total hogwash. What is interesting to see from daftwatch is the chart for new developments. It will be interesting to see if the PTSB survey indicates that new houses have fallen two months in a row when they release the figures for November.

So they didnt pay any attention to my email of complaint about the same shenanigans the other day

He who pays the piper names the tune.