Morgan Stanley says time to buy Irish debt

Would they like to declare an interest?

There is more…

the yeild on ten year debt has dropped by 1.6% today, and their clients usually get these reports before they get general release

Not quite…yield has dropped by just 16 basis points

First a Trinity. Then a Prince. Then a Queen. Ultimately the King of the World. Do we really have emeralds in our teeth?

Or diamonds in the soles of our shoes?

Just about to be covered on Drivetime.

They wanted them back so it is personal inspections all round.

Morgan Stanley – is anyone else hearing, em, rumours?

There’s this, but the rumours probably all have the same source… alternativeeconomics.wordpress.c … n-stanley/

Sticking Morgan Stanley and rumours in to the googlebot indicates that rumours have been around since whenever. Fairly typical for a bank these days I’d say :slight_smile:

share price chart tells the story of the rise and fall of certain derivatives products → … LKiT0QGmbA

Morgan Stanley LOSES Advisers and 4 Heavily Traded Shares on the Street → … reet.html/

Morgan Stanley Takes Top Spot in Credit Derivatives Poll for Index Products → … 5e6f5.html

How much did they lose in the Facebook IPO?

In retrospect this was good advice