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The Moriarty tribunal’s second and final report has been published today.

The inquiry was established in 1997 to look into the financial affairs of former taoiseach Charles Haughey and Independent TD for Tipperary and former communications minister Michael Lowry.

The tribunal issued confidential preliminary findings relating to its second report to interested parties in November 2008 but then held subsequent hearings where new evidence was heard that called into question some of the findings.

As part of its inquiry the tribunal investigated the awarding of Ireland’s second mobile phone licence which was won by Denis O’Brien’s Digifone in 1995.

The tribunal began its inquiry into the licence competition in 2002 after it discovered potential financial links between the former minister for communications Michael Lowry and the founder of Esat Digifone, Denis O’Brien.

It heard evidence that Mr O’Brien might have authorised a payment to Mr Lowry in the context of the Esat licence.

The tribunal has faced a number of challenges over the last few years from a number of people associated with it including Mr O’Brien.

The inquiry is reported to have cost in the region of €100-€150 million.

Just got this off IT…more to come…stuck in all of report from IT as its important…

being discussed on the plank now

… a nice little earner?

Ooooh! Not sounding too good for Mr.Lowry. What was in essance a political donation…made to an account in Jersey…designed to conceal…


The quid pro quo is not set out in the IT report.

One way or the other, Lowry is scum. A way has to be found to get this reptile out of public office.

Is this why Lowry really wants the casino? So he can say he won the lot on roulette?

And a time machine.

Bomb Tipperary?

Agreed. There’s something very wrong with a political system that allows someone who has been proven to have accepted a bribe to stay in office.

Ehhhhhhhhhh… It was Taoiseach and it was a dig-out…

Coming up on Newstalk now, the irony!

Surely this cunt, has to give up his office


Utterly damning. To Lowry, O’Brien and Dunne alike. A few of the solicitors involved come in for a bit of a kicking also though obviously in a less serious fashion. Fine Gael also criticised for failing to report a donation to the tribunal until late in the day, though they did (properly) initially refuse to accept it and returned it once it was later delivered to them in a roundabout way.

I wonder if it might be financially serious in terms of costs?

There’s almost certainly no personal sanction possible. The Report carries no legal weight and it is surely too late now for any other legal recourse. The only legal matters left relating to the whole affair are those cases being taken or potentially being taken by the beaten bidders. One of these cases is in the courts at the moment I believe.

Any chance that people will stop giving Dobby the tax elf opinion pieces in the IT?

Thought not…

Ireland***** First!

******* Ireland = DOB**

So there will be an immediate Law Society of Ireland investigation into these solicitors, right? Right…???

Lowry’s response here

Moriarty ‘wrong, deliberately misleading’ - Lowry