Moriarty Report published

You’re free to report the relevant solicitors yourself if you wish :slight_smile:

Chapter 11 of Volume 1 is the relevant part of the Report.

Ben Dunne on Radio 1 claiming drug induced insanity.

That’s precisely what he’s saying: I am not corrupt because anything I did back then was explicable by my medical problems. A total non-sequiter. It would be credible for him to say that he was possibly corrupt but it was not his fault. That would be coherent. Or, a straight-up denial would also make sense. But to muddle the two is non-credible.

But Dunne isn’t the issue here really.

Oh I know, sickening isn’t it.

The worst thing is that if he did the same again tomorrow he’d probably get more votes.
This gombeen politics view that the bad boys in Dublin are trying to get him.

And the **MAHON TRIBUNAL **will issue a final report…when???

(I’m sure Mr Ahern & Ms Larkin would like to know the date…)

Jaysus but Charlie Sheen is really letting himself go …

But the issue of cronyism is and he was quite specific about his ability to access people and his use of that ability to ‘move things along/speed things up.’ That his way of doing business was to pick up the phone and speak to the person most likely to be able to help him along. In other words, he worked almost exclusively - on the basis of what he said to Joe - on a nudge and a wink. It was an incredible interview, stunning in Dunne’s failure to recognise that while he does his best to portray himself as a man of the people, he is/was instead, a man among a very small group of influential people.

In the context of Lowry, the allegations accepted in the report relating to the Marlborough House rent review are central.

How many more ministers have used their position to line the pockets of their buddies at the expense of the taxpayer?

There’s ample anecdotal evidence of ministers securing various facilities for their constituencies and home towns. If ever there was a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ moment for ordinary people to realise that this may not be in their interests, well this is the moment.

Edit: another great poster, WGU. … ing35.html
Report ‘fundamentally flawed’ - O’Brien

a nice narrow denial there

  • would a payment to a family member of Lowry count?
  • would a payment from a family member of DOB count?
  • would a payment to a trust/company of Lowry count?
  • would a payment from a trust/company of DOB count?
  • would a payment from/to a solcitors client account count?
  • would being aware of payment being made by someone else for Lowry’s benefit count?
  • would a payment to an intermediary count?
  • would setting up a trust for someone or their family’s benefit count?
  • would giving an asset count?
  • would transferring an asset through an intermediary count?

What a great country we live in.

Ben Dunne, the best advert against drugs… proving you don’t have to be shit-faced to be two-faced.

As Kate P says, the inability to see that being able to call a minister to “get something moved along” is corruption is staggering.

But isnt that the problem across all sectors, political or not. Who you and all that.

And who is more corrupt, the caller or the answerer? Just askin.

Oh absolutely. Not everyone is prepared to go on the airwaves and be so brazen about it, though.

So how much money did DOB personally make as a result of Lowry’s decision to award his company the license? And surely it’s wrong that a single politician would have the power to bequeath such munificence on a chosen individual. But what do I know, I’m just one of the grunts…

So who do you think will be held financially liable once the consortiums, who lost the bid, begin to sue ?


Lucky for Fine Gael that Mark Fitzgerald (none too popular around these parts), refused Lowry’s request to influence the rent review of Marlborough house for TE.

Had Lowry achieved Fine Gael leadership (and he was widely tipped as a possible Bruton successor) the damage to Fine Gael (and perhaps Irish politics generally) would have been immense. He would almost certainly have become the FG version of Haughey and would have embedded large scale corruption into it, a la FF.

Voters of North Tipp (who supported him since the scandal broke) should be ashamed of themselves.

Expecting shame from the electorate of North Tipp (or the voters of any other constituency for that matter) is giving them too much credit I am afraid. It will all be explained away in their own minds as the persecution of a great local politician by a corrupt, biased and Dublin-centric judiciary and media. Saw some vox pops already and this seems to be the predictable sentiment. Doesn’t matter if the country’s reputation is further damaged or if that lovely Declan Ganley chap sues the already bankrupt state for hundreds of millions - shure he’s a great TD for North Tipp and that’s what’s important…

Heard several of them interviewed on Drivetime on RTE, and sorry, there’s not much shame around, most saying he doing a great job end of. :open_mouth:

They won’t be of course… their attitude will be ‘isn’t it great to have a guy who can pull strokes working for us’.
When the truth is the morons don’t realise he is only working for himself.

I’m delighted now that I took the opportunity to give him a good kneeing along with 4 mates when we were on the same row of seats at a rugby match.
He wasn’t best pleased of course… but then neither was I that I had to sit near the pr1ck.

ESAT was 1995 ? I can’t wait for Seanie Fitz to be found guilty in 2026

Be careful what you wish for!