Morning Ireland 6-12-07

Great comment from a female solicitor who is also trying to sell her house at the moment. She was interviewed as part of a piece on effect of Stamp Duty reductions.

‘Conveyancing has dried up for the last year, that was a lot of my business’

I wonder how many more of these solicitors who were swimming naked and merely rubberstamping property transactions for 5k a pop are out there?? now that the party is over what are they going to do??

Also’ house valued at 735k last year by TWO auctioneers (so it must have been right :wink: ) now worth 595k a snip!!

I nearly felt like crying into my cornflakes but I managed to regain control of myself.

Oh my heart bleeds for her, the poor girl… :wink:

I just forked out 6k for legal fees a couple of months ago, my solicitor was the rudest man I ever met. Made us feel like we were lucky to have his services. I really think some of them need to realise they are servicing their clients and some people skills would come in handy.

Its the 3rd one I have used because my last 2 were just as bad.

If anybody has a recommendation for a “pleasant” solicitor please PM me the details for when I do buy again.