My Youtube is acting up, but the first thing I thought of was that Monty Python sketch with the four goldfish in the tiny bowl swimming around going ‘morning’ to each other. :laughing:

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Obviously aimed at the Eastern European/Brazilian/people trying to live on minimum wage bracket.

This is actually a massive apartment compared to you average Carrol Cat Box.

1 Bed apt, huge open living area.

Yes but they’ve shoved a bed into the living room! :unamused:

If there’s also a bunch of nurses in this gaff then I’d pay €500 a month no more no less.

I like to sit here and watch you sleep!

At 9.95 it’s a steal

Photo taken from the kitchen, yeah?

Shove it back out again and 'ave it as a one bed flat! Then negotiate a considerable discount… 8DD

I like the colour coordination of the sofa, bed and curtains. :laughing:

Read that as… complete loon that would like to live in a place that is different than their padded cell.

Sleep with one eye open!

Dont laugh.
i know of a 1 bed apt … with a 2nd bed (requested) just like this, fetching €1600 a month !
And the occupant is rather well-known in Hollywood (LA, not NI !).

Location, location, location :wink:

Well, I’m sure it could have the same exact purpose on Capel St, it’s just not as evocative.

OOOHHH ye guy’s on the Pin are alway’s trying to fool me.Well I’ll have ye know that I know the Designer of this little number,and its not an apartment for sale so HA!!!. This is an indicitave computer aided blah blah picture of the new fit out for “the white collar crime” wing of the soon to be built Thornton Hall faciiiiiilllllllity…P.S. The Designer has also sold this model to a well known Developer to build close to Leeson St. as can be seen by the inclusion of the “waiting couch” for punters.Please note how the bottom of the curtains have been elevated just beyond a certain reach,in the interest of hygene :wink: :wink: …Case closed. 8-

€995 pm?!?!?

For that you’d get a 4 bed detached in Manchester/Cheshire (catchment area 8 million).

Thats worth about €90 pw.

If you brought a nurse back from Copper’s on a Saturday night, couch, bed, couch, bed, what will it be?

Do you not know theres a premium to live near the seedier part of town an the four courts? :wink:

A 70’s student flat with new curtains, sofa and paintings

It is at least roomy,

but the cooker looks older than god