Mortgage exam 'needed for first-time house buyers'

May need a psychiatric assessment as well.

Just what the EA market wants you to have knowledge, thats why we have all the historical data on previous sales going back decades…oh we dont but why not most other Eurozone countries who are forward thinking and want to look after their citizens have this?

This is Ireland and fuck you is your reply, sounds about right for this country.

I saw the thread title before clicking in and thought ‘not a bad idea i suppose, people really should be aware of the…’
and then the cynic in me thought ‘i bet that press release came from an organisation that would receive funding to provide said exams…’

Why can’t I be more trusting? :stuck_out_tongue:

A topic discussed here in the early days: Financial Literacy as in they don’t tech you this shit in school.

Should it shock us when the primary logic structure imbued by society was the dogma Roman Catholic Church resulting in retarded thinking? It really shoulnd’t but it will some.

The inputs determine the outputs?

Compulsory financial education I think you mean, or maybe universally available financial education. Financial education is available to Junior Cert level through Business Studies, and to Leaving Cert level through Accounting, Business Organisation and Economics. Outside of this I seem to recall civics or social development type classes also covering some of the basics.

Anyway, still didn’t stop plenty of financially literate people screwing themselves up. Remove people’s emotion gene perhaps.

Without getting into the old personal responsibility argument, fixed bank lending criteria could easily negate the need for people to know what they’re doing. This of course assumes active independent regulation. Ideal world kind of stuff.

Yeah. Every other system we have is designed to prevent idiots doing stupid things. Or even quite smart people doing stupid things. We have nannied so much, but the one that could end up being really important is left to “market forces” and “buyer beware”. You couldn’t sell a car on the basis that it would be worth more in ten years than it is now. You can’t make claims about the health benefits of food. In the little things the consumer is well protected, but the big picture can fall off the wall and kill you.

Didn’t Marc Coleman buy in 2007? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. The price of property only ever goes __.

  2. Rent is dead _____.

  3. Wouldn’t you be stupid paying someone else’s ________ for them.

  4. There’s never been a better time to ___.

  5. Sure in a few years time you can trade __ to something daycent.

Congratulations you are eligible to get on de ladder. Here have forty years of crippling debt. NEXT




Er no, freedom actually! :wink:

There ya go Xman fixed that for ya. :wink: