Mortgage interest rate increases

Do people have any thoughts on how quickly the mortgage interest rates offered in the Irish market would increase following an ECB interest rate hike?

There is currently a lot of discussion as to when the ECB will hike rates, with some recent reports indicting Autumn as the first rate increase. Personally, I am primarily concerned about my mortgage interest rate. I would like to switch to a 5 year fixed rate with the current rates offered by the likes of AIB or BOI but am not sure if I will be able to get over the line in the next few months. As such, I was wondering if people had prior experience as to how quickly the Irish banks have historically reacted to ECB interest rate hikes (or indeed if they try to pre-empt them).

I’m surprised they haven’t gone up already tbh. Germany hates inflation so will be mad keen for them to go up, but the likes of Italy are still performing poorly so they wouldn’t want it. Tough one for ECB.

Usually variable rates in Ireland would always be cheaper than fixed rates, as you paid a premium to have a fixed repayment.

For the last few years variables have been more expensive and will go up with all interest rate hikes. Seems a good time to fix alright